Man Shot Dead In Soufriere

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A yet unidentified man succumbed to gunshot wounds in Soufriere Monday morning, police have confirmed.

Residents of the community disclosed that the incident occurred after 9:00 am at the Soufriere bus stop.

There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Everyday another gun incident yet still yall eh trying and re-work how customers/ boarder patrol operating with all them illegal guns coming in. yh okay and come online and tv and pretend yall care.

  2. Again I have no affiliation to this con artist name stealing loser 100smph, smph st Lucia times how u gonna let someone else use the same name when u see they have different email address! They did the same sh*t to Lucian Highgrade…

  3. Oh my Soufriere, Soufriere, Soufriere what has happened? has the rider on his ‘Pale Horse’ chosen to arrive and has shaken the slumber out of you? Soufriere my delight, the place where I spent much of my early years, loved talking to the fishermen, tried to get a ward from ADA who once saved me from drowning, ADA was deaf & dumb, and there was CONG, they nic-named him because he looked tike one they said. The beaches to me, the best. The Sulfur Spring along with some friends was a delight that money cannot buy: but alas the Spirit of death is a silent warning – when you play with fire, you get burned – God is the Spirit of Love. Turn back quickly to regain that love & that trust.

    • ……get over yourself your ass been away far too long. There is no Mayberry in St Lucia no more Pal; It’s The Hellene of the Wild West for a long time now. We have been wearing that honor badge for years.

  4. Its on Record anytime Slp Runs the Country The Homicide Rate is very Very High and Nothing is Done about it

  5. What is the homicide count for 2022? SLT enquiring minds want to know. Why are you withholding this particular statistic?

    St. Lucia has become a graveyard. Mr. Pierre, you were quite vocal about this issue in opposition. Now in government, have you lost your voice? Hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!

    • I would really like to know as well. This is usually the case when SLP is in power. The statistics on homicides are usually hidden for a period of time and then some bogus figure is then given out. I would like SoLarge Alfred to report to us the current figure and stop reminding us that the highest rate was under the Allan Chastenet administration, which is not true because last year was the worse under both governments and if she is honest she would know that there were 42 after elections till the end of the year. Don’t play politics with crime but let our media personnel know that they need to be unbiased in their reporting.

    • Its on Record anytime Slp Runs the Country The Homicide Rate is very Very High and Nothing is Done about it

      • ….you must tell your White God to say CRIME just one day speak about CRIME and not the economy that he could not do about if put back in office immeditately

    • Man that thing is way beyond politics, it has to take a huge effort between civilians and the police force to curb this cause under the pass administration the crime raye was bad to. People need to start working with the police

      • @smh Work with police? 🤣 @100smph and “White God” jusso you taking a page from Lucian Highgrade? I didn’t know you would stoop so low.

    • …reach ?? I did not know it never existed up there; with all the tourist robberies and held up over the years, the shooting of the Syrian and others I had not idea they were exempt.


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