Man Shot Dead In Vieux Fort

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Reports say that one man is dead due to a shooting incident at New Dock Lane, Vieux Fort, Monday around 12:25 pm.

Police have confirmed that they are investigating the Island’s latest homicide.

But, details surrounding the incident are sketchy.

The report of Monday’s fatal shooting came against the backdrop of reports of suspected gang members in Vieux Fort issuing explicit threats against each other in videos on social media.

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There are no further details at this time.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Treasures in Jars of Clay
    Therefore, since through God’s mercy I, you,them,we have this ministry, we do not loose hear.
    Rather,we have annonced secret and shameful ways ;we do not use déception,nor do we (destort) the word of God. On the contrary,by settings forth the (truth)plainy we commend ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. And even if our gospel is veiled,it is veiled to to those who are perishing.
    The god 🐍of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers,so that they cannot see 💡 the light of the gospel of the glory of Jesus Christ who is the image of God.
    For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord,and ourselves, myself and others as servant (s) for Jesus’ sake. For God, who said,
    “Let light 💡 shine out of darkness, made his light (word) shines in our hearts 💔to give us the 🗝️ light 🌞of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.
    Therefore,be reconciled to God !!

  2. As the 🌧️rain and snow
    Come down from heaven,
    and do not return to it 🌿
    whithout 💧watering the earth
    and making it to flourish 🍀,
    so that it yields seed for sower and
    bread for the eater,
    So is my covenant 🌈,my word that goes from my mouth.

    🌿It will not return to me empty,
    but will accomplish what I desire
    and acheive the purpose which I sent it (Jesus).

  3. Yes my ppl sit down and and play the blame game let’s blame Kenny Anthony for our issue he didn’t do anything for us his job was to make us violent when we could not get what we wanted. Not the fact that people themselves wanted to be wayward but it’s the fault of one man. You didn’t want to kill the man Kenny made you do it. You didn’t want to sell coke again Kenny made you do it. You did not use a condom to have that child that you know you could not afford, sure you already know Kenny fault, your man left you Kenny too. So sit down and blame ppl for your issues see who comes to the rescue. I’m not saying he is the best or worse but I’m saying Kenny not loading up guns and killing ppl but between ppl wanting to be violent a lack of jobs and a hard economy things will happen but I’m from vfort myself. And St Lucia by extension we all ok now if you don’t get up and get it, it don’t come. Blame game never worked and praying is pointless god not coming to this cesspool. We have to dig our way out this muck.

  4. Sad and not surprised. Number of reasons for this.
    1. Kenny you have represented this town all my life and you have done nothing positive for the people of this town. No upgrade in educational opportunities , no means of gainful employment for the citizens of the town, hence their children were raised in poverty so the gangs are the only escape. The stuff you did was the bare minimum to keep you in power so you can plunder the counties wealth.

    2. Kenny, not all your fault. You are 50% of the problem. SLU police are lazy, incompetent from top to bottom and lack the basic knowledge on how to conduct their duties. They lack leadership, strategy and the tools to turn the tide of crime. They even lack imagination , planning ability, execution of operations and even common sense. They piss people off instead of winning hearts and minds.

    3. The people of Vfort also bare some responsibility. People of this town are renowned for keeping their mouth shut . They never see nothing.

    4. Vfort has no Smith and Wesson gun factory. How did them guns come to flood the island. Who controls the ports of entry? AR15 rifles are no joke weapon. Somebody in high society pulling the strings.

    How do we solve it?

    1. Vfort people have to accept some responsibility . This is your town , you should own it. They know who these rodents are. Give the police the information they need. But then again them police more corrupt so that is a non-starter.

    2. Give the youth something to believe in. A better life, a way out. Trust me most of them want a way out. It’s labour intensive sleeping with one eye open, hoping you’re not next. I know, I do it for a living. Put legitimate money in their pocket, provide housing for them, respect them, integrate them into society, It’s their country as well, allow them to be part of the decisions which will shape their lives and that of their children. Half of these young men were once upon a time good people. The frustration of poverty and neglect has turned them into monsters.

    • I know people who struggled more than the average lucian and they made a way for their life. its not about getting into bad company and hope you will be allright in the morning, it does not work out that way. It starts at the school gates. taking it seriously if u have the brains. and if you dont, there are other ways. long before covid, there was the cruise ship which many lucians took advantage of. some of you could have worked somewhere even when earning little, save up and pay the fees for working on the ship. there are farmers programme in canada, you just need some muscles, respect and determination. some of you prefer to eat the marijuana instead. so bear some responsibility for your own life. for those with a brain, they can work and save up and try to do an online course. instead they go after man. and produce the next round of ghetto rats.

  5. I worked in Vieux Fort around 5 years ago. I was shocked by the lack of basic facilities for the youth. No public library, no human resource centre. The field in the town was barricaded at that time. Sandy Beach was the only venue for recreation on weekends. If you wanted to have any other form of wholesome recreation, you had to go up north. Even the youth would tell you V/Fort is a dead town. But the people were friendly and the young people were generally very respectful. Now I see some of their faces in the news and I am shocked. I ask myself what happened? I guess this is the long term effect of a lack of opportunities and a sense of progess on an entire community. Mr. Rep. if you have a conscience, you shouldn’t be able to sleep at night. You have failed this community and their blood is on your hands.

  6. “Yet,if we devote ourselves to God and stretch our hand to him,and put away the hate and evil and leave no room for the 🐍 enemy.”
    “Surely, God is good to us 🇱🇨 St-Lucia for God has not change.
    Satan 🐍, God’s enemy is the author of crimes, violent, blood shed upon blood shed etc etc etc, which the devil was and now is a murderer from the begining and cannot stand the truth which death follows death.
    Jesus weep 😢,and brought peace between God and his people,so God one day will make his home with (them)us ‘AGAIN’.

    Jesus warns us by saying :
    But woe to the earth and the sea, because the 🐍devil have gone down to you ! He is filled with fury because he knows that his time is short,”and has been judge ⚖️ for destruction of 🔥and those who follow him.
    “Jesus said”.
    Watch and pray least you enter into temptation the enemy is roaring like a 🦁 lion, looking to devour who he get….. “But no one take heed”.

    • You sound like you been praying for a while my lady I hope it has done you good but faith without works is dead and you aught to know same gave us the bible and God made us slaves and used that same word of god to keep us enslaved. Morality and Christianity are mutually exclusive. Amen

  7. I didn’t really want to comment but something is not right here. I, like many St Lucians have seen video bits or heard voice notes of threats being made by one gang member towards members of another gang. Days later this person issuing the threat succumbs to a violent death just like what he promised the rival. Shouldn’t that be a starting point for the police investigation. I’m not an officer or detective or from Vieux Fort and I’ve heard so much about these recent killings and a few more to come so why can’t the police be proactive. This young man who lost his life, now I’m hearing it’s as a result of threats made by his brother should have been picked up by the police from last week. Maybe if he was arrested and charged and placed on remand this killing would not have occurred today.

  8. St. Lucia is one big killing field. The SLP is as clueless as the UWP. This killing spree is decades old but no political party has any practical nor effective solutions to reduce these mass murders.

    Only when one of those politicians or a close family member is gunned down, the government might just implement measures to curb this murderous trend.

  9. “Vieux Fort is fast becoming Kenny’s graveyard” is an understatement. It has been this way for his entire political career, yet every time he opens his mouth one would think that this crime spree is a new phenomenon. Why then is he still the rep for our town? What has he done to improve the standard of living of the residents? what has he done to reduce or control the criminal activity in the town? What has he done to reduce squatting on state lands? To all of these questions I respond, nothing. These are the makings of a failed politician. The police are demoralized and too weak to to protect us, all Kenny’s doing because of his poor handling of IMPACS. Used the police for political gain – win by any means necessary. Now we all reap the results and will do so for quite some time if a serious hard look is not taken at the RSLPF, an organization now being made worse by the PSC which insists on promoting the most junior and incompetent officers to key leadership positions.

  10. My young people especially the males..I have to say our country needs prayers..why someone have to be upset when Dr Kenny D ANTHONY name is mentioned..Kenny Anthony is part and Parcel what is happening in Vieux fort…My people has any one gone to Vieux fort especially on a week day the place is dead KENNY ANTHONY is a failure as a xx pm and also a rep..Kenny has to ask the people of Vieux fort forgiveness he knows exactly what he does to brainwashed people to win the election..

    • ……there, there, there, you got out of your restrain suit too soon I see; maybe a rubber room is needed for your ass. Your System Psychosis seems irreversible or misdiagnose. Based on your penmanship, Dr. Highgrade would say you are more Schizophrenic. May I recommend two dose of Risperdal per day and stay away from your portrait of Dr. Anthony for 6 month to achieved minimal normalcy.

  11. This is becoming a joke now. Another shooting so I guess another round of table talk amongst Kenny and the police. Every shooting is another round of table talk with no hard action to curb this spree of violence in St Lucia.

  12. @the most honorable you should look at yourself as being the biggest jackass by looking for others that will bray. Instead of giving a solution to what’s happening around us you choose to bray.

  13. I thought there was a no Crime Scene Barrier tape in the Rslpf.Every Scene involving police investigation Should be Cordon off. The Rss should be in St.Lucia this week Cleaning up St Lucia North.South .East and West

    • The most honorable low grade is a real jack ass for true. And somebody told me he is the mayor of VF. The salty guy.

    • That woman is clueless. She doesn’t understand that the various groups and individuals must first be stripped of their illegal guns. Only then will the government be able to curb the gun tragedy. You begin by establishing deterrence. Her gut feeling about those twelve new vehicles was a big joke from the start.


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