Man Succumbs After Barre St Joseph Shooting

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Law enforcement officials say one man is dead after a police shooting at Barre St Joseph on Tuesday.

Details surrounding the shooting are sketchy, but the officials told St Lucia Times that the deceased is believed to have been involved in a robbery attempt in the Goodlands area earlier.

Emergency responders from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) headquarters in Castries said they received a call for assistance about 6:42 pm.

On arrival, they found the body of a 28-year old man by the roadside.

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According to the emergency officials, the man had no vital signs, and when they transported him to the OKEU Hospital, medical personnel pronounced him dead.

There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. St Lucia really have thiefs why are so many people resort to a life of stealing… They stole my plantain and okra in my garden recently

  2. @ G.W, this is becoming a serious issue in St. Lucia. I know persons who have had those horrific experiences and only got away by the grace of G_d.
    We live in a šŸŒ where people do not value life and perpetuate depravity.

  3. This has been long overdue stop stealing people hard earned money stop it. The rest be on the look out yall own round the corner.

  4. Dear Mary….the 500 Club ship will be in the harbour today. You qualify for a free 6 month cruise on it..

    • Mary is full of crap. Her foreign masters are not even living by their own dictates. Take a look at some of their handiwork- enhanced interrogation, black sites, harassment of Muslims, collateral damage, harassment of minorities, “during investigationsā€¦ his health deteriorated,” etc.
      These “civilized” countries must pretend that they are above others. It’s a chance to beat their chests. Hence, we have opportunists like we know who. It’s is important to note that those countries put their security foremost. This is simply another form of neocolonialism. Don’t be slow in recognizing the beast for what it is.

  5. thank you officers for taking out the trash, there is also a few more in that same area that post stuff on Facebook to sell and then they rob you of all your cash when you go to receive the items, please take care of those as well. thank you for your services.

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