Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Man Who Toppled Guyana Government Says He Was A ‘Yes Man’

Former MP Charrandas Persaud has defended his decision to vote against the coalition government in Guyana of which he was part, causing the APNU+AFC  administration to collapse.

In a  video on Facebook uploaded on Christmas Day, Persaud said he was very unstable mentally in the administration.

“I took so much from the government that it almost drove me crazy,” the former PM, who is now in Canada, asserted.

He described himself as having been a ‘yes man’ and part of the ‘yes man team’ of the AFC, the minor party in the coalition.

Persaud said he had worked very hard to put the government in place by campaigning for the AFC (Alliance for Change), resulting in the coalition achieving a one seat majority in the national assembly.

He asked the youth what the coalition had done for them, declaring that he saw nothing even though he was sitting in parliament,

Persaud confirmed that he had received a letter expelling him from the house.

He described the expulsion as a blessing in itself as he was helpless and could do nothing for the people of Regions 5 &6 and Guyana generally.

“I realized that I had to do something to take this government out,” the former MP asserted.

He said all the time he had no say.

“In Guyana, and I am sure like most other countries, if you vote along party lines you’re good – you’re the guy they want. But you’re just a yes man. But if you vote according to your conscience, you’re only allowed one vote,” the former MP stated.

Persaud explained that he has a law practice to look after.

“I will make more money than they can  give me in parliament for being the yes man, for being part of the yes man team,” he said.

On Friday night, Persaud shocked the nation when he joined with the opposition Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) to back a no confidence motion against the government.

Since the development, legal opinions have been offered as to the way forward and whether elections would be held within 90 days.

But the Guyana Bar Association was quoted by I News Guyana as saying that to suggest that the recently passed no-confidence motion, which was publicly accepted by the incumbent, was not validly passed, is erroneous.



  1. I hope King and Spider have balls like Persaud. I know both of them are afraid but they have to be strong.

    • Nah…. Guy took those guys go-nads a long time ago. As a former PM and deputy pm they have been very silent the first half of their term. I applaud this man for having the courage to do what he did. I used to respect Sarah for standing for her principles but with the Ubaldus fiasco i see she has lost her courage as well

      • Ministers of government are more concerned with their own job security than the plight of the people or sad state of affairs in the country. They are spineless, mortally afraid to take a stand for the collective good of the country. The crime situation in the country is disgracefully outrageous. The status quo needs to be shaken up. Yet the Minister of National Security remains secure in his position by doing very little or nothing to bring about any positive changes. The public should demand better. They should protest that this man be replaced with someone more capable and concerned. But, again, why should anyone expect better from an administration that harbors a sexual predator in its midst. If they don’t care about the nation’s young and vulnerable daughters, why should we expect them to care about anything else?
        This was written straight from the deepest depth of the heart.

  2. But is a team Mr Parsaud, if tings no going ok no just leave them. It’s like a football team when we winning we together when tings not going 100 we still tight, wah!

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