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Man With Illegal Gun Accused Of Attacking Cop In Rodney Bay Night Club

A Corinth man who was held with an illegal gun and ammunition in a Rodney Bay night club and allegedly attacked a police officer has been arrested and charged, law enforcement officials say.

Police have identified the individual as Ron Williams of Corinth.

Williams was also charged with resisting arrest, after allegedly attacking the police officer who stopped and searched him on  during the wee hours of the morning of February 22, 2020 at the Night Club.

He is reported to have been egged on by others.

Police also slapped the Corinth resident with a charge of escaping lawful custody for allegedly fleeing the scene.

Williams was denied bail when he appeared in court Wednesday morning and remanded in custody at Bordelais Correctional Facility until May 13, 2020.


  1. Fantastic the world is changing for the good in St Lucia,for years we have been claiming that we had no laws.and the bad boys just walking in and out.Keep it up great works judges.

  2. Should ah live de gun at home when yuh wah come ah town. Them foolish badboys really taking a joke far you know. Every night is shots them men knocking like there are no laws in St.Lucia.

  3. They need to be searching more of them .. that to common for them so called “bad boys” .. chad max bitchie and dem be strapped at verve ..

  4. Attacking police with an Unlicensed Firearm .If the police had Delt with Him Severely Human Rights lawyers would Complain .You at a Night Club with an Unlicensed Firearm .The Judge Should impose the Maximum penalty

  5. This wana be bad boy,definetly the most stupid one I have ever seen,in a club,unlicensed fire arm you pick a fight with a cop.what else,stray dog pases and pisses on your feet.Hope they give him till he is old and good for nothing

  6. Before we condemn the yute you need to look at Lucia as a whole. As I’m living in the USA now, I see these things differently. St Lucia has poor people, and the people who are bringing these illegal firearms are giving them to kids promising them money and women and riches if they take the firearms and do things for them, it’s the big bosses that are making these bad boys bad. St Lucia needs to stop going after little fish but eliminate the big fish otherwise it’s just going to keep happening. Not saying what this yute did was right but let’s look at the big picture. Who has to means to import these type of things. St Lucia needs to deal with BIG bosses and help give kids positive things to do so they don’t fall into this lifestyle

  7. This is true its part of the problem,our culture is messed up also.Our boys follow the guy with the blim blim,that pais for drinks,has fancy cars,and the girls follow him like flies to honey.And the steriotipes come from the USA,rap music industry,and the videos that flod our TV sets.The s*** comes from were you live,do you see it

  8. Of course I see it the USA very corrupt. But this is the problem here, there everywhere, big bosses need to be taken down not little fish, because guess what this shit can happen again this weekend if they all really wanted too. Getting one little fish doesn’t even come close to stopping Lucias gun problem. Lucia is so beautiful and yet all this nonsense because they don’t address the root of the problem

  9. Instead u focus on ur son you attacking officer? They egged u on watch you now like a jackass in jail and all uh dem free living life. Time they make an example out of these boys gasuh. Give him [email protected] he do to much in life already disgusting f*****

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