Mandatory Mental Health Support Urged For Relatives Of Suicide Victims

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Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Julius Gilliard believes there should be mandatory mental health support for relatives of suicide victims.

“They need to go through it so that they are assisted in a more  healthy manner,” Gilliard said Wednesday night.

He made the comments during the DBS Television programme – Newsmaker Live.

Saint Lucia has recorded seven cases of suspected suicide so far for 2020.

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The Consultant Psychiatrist recalled a case in which a male individual discovered that his brother had committed suicide.

But Gilliard said the sibling who found the body never received help and went through a few years with a lot of difficulty trying to deal with his own mental health issues.

“That should not have happened,” he asserted.

“Anybody who dies by suicide, their relatives need to go through mandatory mental health assistance to ensure that they are dealing with whatever mental health issues with loss, grief, depression, self blame,” Gilliard observed.

He noted that a lot of persons blame themselves when a relative commits suicide.

“All of those things need to be dealt with adequately otherwise persons throw them to the back of their head and then they start displaying behaviour that causes everyone to ask why they’re acting like that,” Gilliard told Newsmaker Live.

He explained that such behaviour is an indication that the mental health issues affecting relatives of suicide victims have not been properly addressed.

Saint Lucia’s Mental Wellness Centre has a suicide helpline where persons can call 203 and get assistance.

Experts advise that if a friend or loved one talks or behaves in a way that makes you believe he or she might attempt suicide, professional help should be sought immediately rather than trying to handle the situation alone.

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