Man’s Hand Severed In La Croix Maingot Chopping Incident

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On Tuesday, Emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) headquarters in Castries responding to a La Croix Maingot chopping report discovered that someone had severed a man’s left hand.

The SLFS said it received a call for assistance at 1:32 pm.

According to reports, an ambulance transported the man to the OKEU Hospital while community residents retrieved the severed hand and presented it to the police.

The police are reported to have taken the severed hand to the hospital.

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There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. i hope its the hand of a THIEF especially the ones that post cars for sale on face book and when you come to buy the items they rob you

  2. Was the report describing a Tom and Jerry or Daffy Duck episode. It really seems as a cartoon to me. Is this for real? Hand chopped off, residents looking for the severed hand, getting it and handing it to the police, who in turn takes it to the hospital. Hope the doctors can place it back with Crazy or Magic Glue.

  3. Pardon my ignorance, but I read the article and understood it to be about the severing of a hand. What’s the connection between that and a PM and Deputy PM etc etc…… ?????
    Am I missing something here? Or was the article written in code, that only some could understand?????

  4. Godlessness = Lawlessness; time to bring back the Lolo-Beff and start whipping some axx. This nation will have to learn the hard way, the way to deal with such criminality – PAIN for PAIN. (better than going to Hell’s fire) – Lord, we need help, we depend on you.

  5. When you have a jealous devious deputy pm dictating the real pm’s every move and opposing every attempt to install a proper national security ministry and personnel we will continue to see crime increase. What is this deputy pm afraid of? Why are you fighting down every appointment because it’s not a friend. Then you are the first to talk about being victimised? Criminals in government equals criminals in society


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