Monday, February 17, 2020

March Madness: Coincidence or Collusion?

By George

Wednesday September 6, the SLMDA writes a letter to the Labour Ministry, informing it of doctors’ intention to take industrial action. Thursday September 7, most Customs Officers go on a sick-out. That same day the CSA issues LUCELEC with notice that workers are taking industrial action. Still on that eventful Thursday, the SLNT writes a letter to the DCA, informing it to issue a stop order over the demolition of the old derelict Castries prison. Sunday September 9, the SLP holds a protest march. Finally, Tuesday September 11, Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre announces his intention to have a vote of no confidence in the Allen Chastanet Administration.

Found the link yet? On the surface, this all seems like the authentic, spontaneous reaction of massive swathes of people on the ground, who after just two years of government, have finally had enough and thus almost simultaneously take action to demonstrate they have no confidence in said government; thus “forcing” the Opposition to take the drastic but necessary action of having an actual vote of no confidence.

In reality though, given the near simultaneous nature of these sick outs, letters of warning and protest marches, if one looks a little more closely, it becomes abundantly clear, that these recent actions, culminating in Pierre’s announcement, are not coincidence but clearly coordinated and is evidence of collusion.

To state more vividly: the Queen Bee (SLP) ordered its worker bees (Union and Association leaders), to ratchet up the pressure on UWP, by signaling or telegraphing the most drastic actions they’ve taken to date, all of which occurred in close proximity to each other; all rather close to the September 9 protest march; and all with the coordinated aim of conveying a climate of utter chaos under Allen Chastanet.

We’ve seen this before. Those who have a more economically and politically liberal point of view (which includes the SLP and the unions), tend to start protests, uprisings, riots and revolutions, all in the name of bettering the lot of the poor man.

It is little wonder, that all of the unions are infested with leaders who are Labour Party hacks, who in turn do nothing for their (poor) members whenever their boys are in power and who tend to get significant pay increases from UWP administrations for these same members, as they usually go all out against their sworn political enemies.

Take a look at the history of the Revolution in France a couple hundred years ago. It was done in the name of alleviating the poor from oppression. Or the one in Russia just before the end of the Great War. That Leninist Revolution was done in the name of alleviating the poor from oppression as well. But what happened as a result of those revolutions?

As bad as things were for the poor before those revolutions, things got even worse for them during and after, as they died in the millions on both occassions; all in the name of equality and brotherhood. Anyone who’s read George Orwell’s Animal Farm, knows what I’m talking about.

The other common denominator with protests, uprisings, riots and ultimately revolutions, is that they all pretend to come off as spontaneous reactions from the poor, to the oppression they receive from the ruling class. This was the dream (or lie more accurately), Communist founder Karl Marx perpetuated throughout the West during the 19th century.

But this has never been nor will ever be the case. Every protest, uprising, riot and revolution, is organised, sparked and carried out by the upper middle class; those whom I dub, the academics. The poor, are used as mere sheep, lowly pawns on a chessboard, destined to die for “the cause”; a cause they know almost nothing about.

And this is particularly pertinent to us in St. Lucia. Take a look at Sunday’s march for instance. Does anybody believe that even half of those placards were done by the poor people who made up the majority of the marchers?

One of the placards read “National Trust needs their subvention, not OJO labs” carried by a man whose shoes barely had soles. Let’s be real, what sane poor person gives a hoot about the National Trust’s “subvention”; when they’re getting employed by the hundreds at OJO labs.

Those signs were for the most part churned out from the (Central Intelligence Authority) factory of the SLP and there is no evident they are sincere expressions of the people they claim to represent.

There was even an instance where two protesters right next to each other held up the exact same message on two different placards: Chastanet Where is our CIP money Chass!” the only difference being that one had four exclamation marks while the other had three. Easy to conclude that these placards were written for most of these people and reflect the SLP talking points we’ve heard for months.

It was clear that the majority of the people there weren’t actively engaged with the messages on the placards and that they were merely having their marrionette strings tugged by their academic puppet masters.

It was also clear, that most of those placards were done by (professional?) protesters in the employ of the SLP and were simply handed to poor people to “show the government how they feel” while each message read like words we’ve all heard from the mouth Dr. Ernest and co. And we’re supposed to believe that this protest was authentic and spontaneous?

Clearly it wasn’t. Clearly it was imagined, coordinated and realised by the SLP, not for and by the poor people, but for and by the SLP brass.

And this is not dissimilar to the nature of the constant bickering and threats that have come from Associations and Unions alike, especially over the last 8 months. And it’s quite transparent that they’re colluding with the SLP to destabilise an administration they’re ideologically opposed to. So transparent that I’m inclined to agree with the Opposition Leader that the SLP is the most transparent party in the country. We see right through you.

That is a fabulous tale told by their string pullers.

As is usual in the aftermath of protests and revolutions, if the rabble rousers regain the one thing they value most, power, things will get worse for the poor, like with the increased unemployment and crime rates and the decreased food production we saw during their last stint.

The people who are really upset and who feel most threatened by Allen Chastanet’s administration, are the academics; the upper middle class who pretend poverty in order to gain the trust of the poor, use them and then discard them once they attain power.

These are the ones who have been colluding with the SLP to create an atmosphere of chaos, with one sick-out or sick-out announcement after another, culminating not in the protest march, which was merely a misdirection, but in the announcement of a vote of no confidence. So much for democracy.


  1. Whether it is collusion or coincidence, people are tried of these reckless governments; SLP or UWP. The cane that was used in whipping Kenny out of office is hanging and waiting to be used on Chastanet. Just wait and see. You all will remember that I said so .

    • There is nothing to ponder; people are fed-up of the reckless behavior of the government. Planned or spontaneous, it really does not matter the actions are from citizens who voted for a change for the better, but instead we find ourselves with more burden and a dictator who thinks he can do what he wants and how he wants to do it without consulting the people who voted him into office.

      • I concur that it is a well written article. I too noted that the placards and their bearers didn’t quite seem to match; it seemed to be more of the same free chicken and rum and roro engaging masses, being used as usual by labour party operatives.

      • When you have made up your mind to let someone else think for you while you mouth the words and ideas they have fed, truly there is nothing left to ponder. Sever your marrionette strings and choose to live and die for your own ideas. Peace be unto you, your family, our country.

  2. Animal farm,
    Isn’t it UWP attacking the media and everyone and hiring only their own and firing poor people and taking away all services, safety nets etc.? Then saying things are better under UWP than they were under SLP. I suggest that you read that book.
    The Link.
    Maybe is because all the groups you mentioned are being shafted by the government.
    OJO labs.
    Thousands fired so that OJO could get the very same money to hire 25 people. How is that better? Again, go read animal farm.
    You should have said that to Chastanet when he went to protest for gas. It was OK then but not now. Are UWPs protests more equal than SLPs. Then following your logic UWP is the one pulling people’s strings when they protested and have their rallies. Again, go read animal farm.
    By your logic the sign referring to SLP Niggers was written not by the poor people but the UWP intelligence. These signs look professionally done to me as well. The sign by Dr. Andre saying “Kenny must go” seemed to be the doctors colluding with the UWP to destabilize the country. I didn’t hear you complaining then.
    Where is your irrefutable evidence that the march was done for the benefit of the SLP brass. Where is the evidence of the collusion between the associations and Unions, especially over the last 8 months with the SLP to destabilize an administration they’re ideologically to. But wait! What about Mary Iassac and the CSA? No complaints from you then. Has it ever occurred to you that people are generally appalled to the various policies and actions of the government? That’s seems very obvious to lots of people by your logics. The truth after all is what you believe it to be.

  3. SLP should respect the wishes of the people. They were voted out and should stop their bullying.COLLUSION !!!!

  4. No SLP, no organization, no institution, no agency have done anything to set the large majority citizens against the government. Chastanet and his surrogates have single handedly alienated the people from the government with their haughty attitude and obnoxious behavior. This article is written by a UWP loyalist who is using antiquated and outmoded comparisons to communists, trying to unnerve and demoralize the public’s enthusiasm for change. The autocratic nature of this current government is causing a lot of consternation among the people. Instead of engaging the people, the government wants to stuff their polluted and ill-thought out policies down the throats of everybody. This administration has given people good reasons to distrust and loathe politicians. They have thrown away their political capital and are headed for an inevitable massive defeat whenever the next general elections are called.

  5. There will always be hacks on both sides. I guess Mary Issac and W Pierre were SLP operatives. Dr A Matthew’s was also a Slp boy. Wake up Mr George…
    We have a dictator as a Prime Minister and there must be calls for change in style and attitude.

  6. Nothing politicians fear more than the people’s wrath. The massive protest last Sunday must have sent extreme shivers through the hearts of the Ministers of Government and their loyalists. This is stunningly remarkable that such massive support for the election to government of the UWP party has turned to such massive protests against them. The columnist of this ‘nothing burger’ article has made a lame attempt to discredit the people’s genuine concerns about the detrimental effects the government’s policies are having on their daily lives. Instead the Ministers engage ii some somber self introspection and amend their ways, they are bunkering down. It’s only fools who do not change especially in light of the overwhelming evidence that the country is heading in the wrong direction.

  7. I would like to go to the clearly weak and dangerous DHS Project.
    A) There is no correlation between the grandiose plans(Billion dollar project) that have been cited and the measly 100 jobs and nonsense going on in Vieux Fort.
    2) Is it St Lucia taxpayers money or investors money paying for the little cacanez race track going up?
    3) How can you have a Taiwanese related foreign policy and an investment policy hinging on Chinese investors. This is an accident waiting to happen and the Taiwenese must be well vex.
    4) All of this smacks of Chastanets inability to follow up with an indepth analysis of all the quick talking he does on a daily basis. A real simpleton with a vacous foreign policy and shaky investment policy.
    So far he has just SQUANDERED money with nothing to show .

  8. SOS. Same Old S***. SLP always use scare tactics and character assassination to get back into power. They branded Compton as papa jab and by other derogatory names. Mallet corrupt. Vaughn was a drunk. Richard was a criminal. Guy is a thief. Allan is massa etc
    This is how Donald Trump operates by black listing people the same way as SLP. They have a lot in common.
    SLP could do no wrong just like Trump. SLP has the highest IQs just like Trump. They’re the only ones who can run St Lucia just like Trump is the only one who could run the US. SLP is the only party that have the poor at heart just like Trump. SLP behaves like a cult and has a cult following just like Trump. I wonder if they believe in God just like Trump.

  9. Confidence lost can never be regain, bring all your intellectuals to write all these long articles will not save you, invoking Indian gods will not save you, putting up yellow flags in Hindu ceremonies will not save you, bring in all your astrologists and magicians will not save you, because the masses has spoken, Mr. PM. just like they did 30 months ago. You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. now you are paying for your empty promises!

  10. what did you do with Zabo’s comment, is it because it didn’t go your way? Well it happens so sometimes.It was the truth! the truth have no frontier, it may fall right or left; So let it show, which ever way it may fall.

  11. For one thing the idiots calling for a vote of no confidence in the government, think again. You are in the minority in Parliament for one, who will you get to go along with this madness? Plus Frederick is the evil one without a Visa…. Whom Kenny destroyed… The four of those make a toxic combination. Juffali, Frederick, Kenny and Ray Charles.

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