Marchand Community Gets Psychosocial Support After Triple Homicide

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A team comprising officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), social agencies, and medical professionals has reached out to affected parties of recent crime reports in the Marchard Community.

The outreach came after a drive-by shooting in the area claimed the lives of three individuals.

Two others sustained injuries.

According to the RSLPF, the purpose of the outreach was to offer psychosocial support to individuals impacted by crime and present more community-focused crime resolution strategies.

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“The program was well received and efforts to ensure citizen security will continue in the area,” an RSLPF statement said.

“The psychosocial response to crime has been utilised in the past in areas such as Jacmel and Dennery,” the statement noted.

And it indicated that such interventions have resulted in significant declines in incidents of crime, with community involvement.

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  1. Some of these people especially the young ones, they hard is so burnt that nothing you do will help. What’s happening now is no surprise with Marchand. This is their live style. A life without guns and bullet is no life at all to these useless bunch of good for nothings. Pip can’t change Marchand. He has done worse being there for so long. Pip contributed to Marchand demise. “ I know how to play the game” it’s really sad.

  2. Why don’t the owners of houses in that area give the courts permission to break down their houses that are left abandoned in the boulevard.
    The owns are sitting in their castles all over st.lucia and not doing a thing about their abandoned house.
    The boys getting houses to live and play .
    This is the problem in the Marchand Boulevard.
    No government can do nothing unless the owners come forward.

  3. The Marchand community needs God in their lives to be a better community. They need crusade, revival services, forgiveness forums, and general deliverance. All my life this community have always been known as a dangerous zone. It’s ashamed that the Prime Minister cannot redesign and upgrade this community.

  4. They need to relocate all the people in the Marchand Boulevard, that problem has been there for many years and don’t think it will stop anytime soon.

  5. Why don’t you all do a facelift in Marchand like u did in Ans La ray which looks so great… the freshly painted bright houses…. So cheerful and uplifting.

  6. These type of behavior is a direct fall out from funds that have been embezzled from the government coffers and no kind of government or persons paying for it government after government same thing over and over again. What we sow is what we reap .

  7. That’s has never been new to Marchand things had just been on the low , imagine I had to migrate because of things like that. I think the whole of st Lucia needs physiological care.

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