Marigot Resident Recalls Stabbing Victim’s Last Words

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A Marigot resident says his brother’s last words to him after being stabbed were that he was ‘starting to black out’ and needed to go to the hospital

Eliseus Harper said he took his brother, Asher St. Rose to the medical facility.

Asher St. Rose – Deceased

But St. Rose did not survive the August 11, 2022 stabbing at Fond Mange, Marigot, allegedly at the hands of a female neighbour.

Harper told St Lucia Times that a post-mortem examination of the deceased determined that St Rose’s death was due to ‘stab to the chest and lungs’.

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According to Harper, Thursday’s examination found that his deceased brother had no organ or health issues.

Earlier, the deceased’s mother had disclosed that her son, who would have turned 24 in November, was preparing to leave Saint Lucia to take up a sailing job.

Suzanna Harper – Deceased’s Mother

He was due to leave Friday.

“Today was supposed to be a very joyful day for us and him. Instead, it is just the opposite. It is a sad day. He is not here to enjoy what he had been working so hard for and spending so much money towards,” his distraught brother told St Lucia Times.

“The incident should not have reached this extreme,” he lamented, adding that the family held a vigil for the deceased.

“He could not have left so we did something to show him if he is up looking at us, we did something to show him he was supposed to leave today, we showed him some respect. He wanted to leave today but not in that manner,” St. Rose’s brother explained.

The brother said the deceased had promised that when he got through with his job overseas, he would have made sure to take care of their mother and his nieces and nephews.

But Harper declared that the dream did not materialise.

Headline photo: Eliseus Harper – Deceased’s brother

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  1. satan you a liar and you will always be defeated and remain in the pit of hell how dare you take this young mans life by your evil henchwoman, the guy said when he gets through with his job he had big plans of taking care of his family so what happen you dont want to see that family strive or what

  2. It’s absolutely touching the way the brother described it but one has to wonder what caused this hatred ? Although I do not condone the crime by I can’t help wanting to know what drove him to his demise?

  3. Though words cannot bring him back to life, but,do not repay 😈 hates for 😈 evils.
    Those who leaves everything in God’s hand will eventually see God’s hands in everything.
    With sharing 😭 tears and heart 💔 breaking,may God brings Judgement and ⚖️ justice be done.

    Searching Spell
    Aid me now in this,my quest.
    What I seek,reveal to me,
    As I will,so mote it be.
    Earth,air, water,fire,
    Call to me my one desire.
    Evil 😈 hides its 👹 face,yet I would see. Where it lies,reveal to me.

  4. At least know the cause before seeking voodoo or wishing terrible things cause the innocent or even the family could get caught up in your’ll stuff if they seek that.

  5. Why are some of us so quick to get angry and do bodily harm to another person? We have to learn to disagree without becoming disagreeable with each other.

  6. This story cuts deep…it is unfair to be cut short of your dreams….so much potential gone in a split second…..very unfair. May the perpetrator get what is deserved and even more. I pray for comfort and strength for the family


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