Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Married Couples In Saint Lucia Urged To ‘Produce Children’

The Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church in Saint Lucia is encouraging married couples here who can, to produce children.

Seth Ampadu preached the message during a sermon at the Forestiere Methodist Church last Sunday, while addressing the topic of the impact of  marriage on family and the society.

In a subsequent interview, the Methodist official asserted that God made man and woman to form a family.

“So how would the family be formed? Through procreation,” Ampadu declared.

“So if you have the ability to give birth, then you need to give birth in order to extend the family,” he told St Lucia Times.

He explained that if married couples who can produce children decide not to do so, there will be no ‘continuity.’

“That is why in the wisdom of God, God said to multiply and fill the land; so it i important that married couples who are able and capable to have children should have them,” the Clergyman stated.

However he acknowledged that not every couple can have children.

“It could be medical grounds or something of the sort,” Ampadu observed.

“But once you are able, it is God that determines,” he said.

On the issue of married couples who choose not to have children in order to pursue careers or to avoid the challenges of bringing up children in an increasingly difficult world, Ampadu declared that it is an individual choice.

But he said if the parents of those people had made a similar decision, they would not have come into the world.

“The point is that if you have the ability to procreate, you have to do so,” Ampadu declared.

“God made man and woman to procreate, to produce the family,” he asserted.



  1. I guess you and your entire parish will feed them. Please stay away from this topic cuz none of us do not want to live in poverty any longer and depend on a church to provide assistance.

    No thank you. keep ur advise.

  2. Where are the incentives? To have children? I agree tho, too many gutter breeds having chilren.

  3. Pls pls pls take the sense from what the man is saying gosh. Educate yourselves wah!!. Please everyone who read the comment please go to Google and type Margaret sanger. Let me know what you think after.

  4. i am married and would love to have another child. I have ONLY one. Total monthly expense for this child is $1200 inclusive of daycare. I am not saying married couples cant have 2, 3, 4 kids…but the bible also asks us to use WISDOM

  5. this ampadu name sound like he is some forking African who think that he can tell us how to live our lives here. its time the government vet those africans coming here to preach nonsense. we dont encourage people to reproduce in the caribbean mindlessly and thoughtlessly. our life span is near 80, in africa its 40 something. so take your stupid advice and shove it . we have enough problems with the kids we have, you encouraging people to have more kids? what is wrong with this man. please start vetting africans coming here with churches very carefully at various immigration points. and send this man back where he come from.

    • … u are so true about those FAKE African PREACHERS… they need to be carefully monitored!! ALL FAKE! Merciless thieves!!

  6. In light of that Mr minister, I would very much like to know your stand in same sex marriage where continuity is concerned.

  7. I want to ask the lesbian and bullers how are they making children. I really want to know.

  8. These so called Pastors Come to these Small Islands just to full their pockets and Move back to their Country of Birth as Milioneres .If He gets his wife pregnant every year that’s ok Because the Church Monies will support Him.So many un employed women in St.Lucia that’s the Best advice that pastor see to give Married Couples

  9. Heard his church will be giving concessions to children born from married people. Way to go pastor.

    • the government should get rid of this guy and chase him out of our land. all caribbean women who stupid enough to put africans on them, just multiply with them fellas. africans dont care if they cannot feed the child, they just make plenty of children, regardless. thats why they dying of aids and malnutrition there and have enough poverty with kids they can’t take care of. its that type of mentality keeping them behind. and he wants to bring it here. the government should keep a close eye on this guy and have him leave this place. a false ugly phrophet.

  10. Will you help taking care of the extra ones? Your statements are very amusing Seth, or whatever you call yourself!

  11. Rev. you must be strong to take on the negative comments. I know you meant good but St Lucian don’t like hearing the truth so stay in your session. May God bless you.

  12. The truth is we cant make enough money with our work to pay for more than one or two children these days.If our salaries would increase the way food does in the supermarkets,maybe we could keep up,right now we are living on rations.Your church got anything else to offer,apart from talk,you sound like a politician

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