Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Martinique Destroys Hundreds Of Illegal Guns

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On Thursday, Martinique law enforcement officials destroyed 692 weapons at the metal company Métal Dom in Fort-de-France.

Local media reported that the weapons included pistols and rifles seized by the police over the last two years.

The metal company’s hydraulic system cut them into pieces.

According to the reports, the weapons seizures have increased since the beginning of the year.

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RCI.FM quoted General William Vaquette, Commander of the Martinique gendarmerie, saying that law enforcers previously seized weapons every three days, but that has changed to every two days.

The Commander explained that insecurity drives people to legal and illegal arms for protection.

On the other hand, criminals obtain weapons to promote their illegal activities.

Martinique officials say many guns linked to the illegal drug trade pass through Venezuela.

As a result, the French Caribbean Island is cooperating with other countries to dismantle the illegal trade in drugs and arms.

In this regard, Saint Lucia and Martinique have pledged to work closer against cross-border crime.

Last year law enforcement representatives of both countries met for a two-day conference in Fort de France.

At that conference, the two sides announced plans to have Zoom meetings every month and twice-yearly encounters in their resolve to increase cooperation against criminal elements, especially those involved in illegal gun and drug trafficking. 


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  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about – I like it when I read General Will Vaque Commander of Martinique etc etc this is no sheeet when an Island just 24 kil from St. Lucia can display a Commander General to take care of its illegal Gun operations; its then I wonder the audacity of St. Lucia to call itself a nation, member of the United Nations, unable to feed itself, unable to generate proper industries to be established in an Island that cannot protect its population, all due to an outrageous crime epidemic for years. Why can the french Islands do it and not we? why is St. Lucia, apart from Jamaica and Trinidad, so cursed with so much murders? why is it a population of less than 200K people so cursed for blood? is it for poverty alone? I grew up at a time with ten times more poverty, but no shootings, didn’t hear of breaking ins as pampant. If it is as some say its the Drug trade – in that small Island it will need us to borrow this Commander General from Martinique with some bad ass French cops to come and straighten things out for us. I am afraid that PjP may be too timid to tackle the subject with the Baron in Cabinet.(Lord do a miracle he needs divine strength)

    • Let us remember now. These people have mother France to finance and care for them. Yes, they appoint members to run their overseas departmens but, them(France) are heavily involved. To date, we can’t even find a proper recycling facility for basic plastics without piling filth near a roadside somewhere lile whst they attempted at Odsan. If we had help it would have been different. Lets just give up independence and let England or France run the country.


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