Martinique Fugitive Held In Saint Lucia Expected To Be Repatriated

An ‘armed and dangerous’ Martinique fugitive who was held by police in Saint Lucia on Saturday morning should be repatriated ‘in the coming’ days, according to news reports from Martinique.

The reports say Ménélick Surena, 32, should be sent back home to face trial for murder.

Surena is a suspect in the shooting death of 21 year old Martiniquan student, Nelson Williams.

He is alleged to have opened fire at Williams and Williams’ cousin on July 6, 2019 at Marin.

Williams succumbed to his injuries while his cousin survived.

Surena was captured here in a joint operation involving the SSU and the Drug Squad in which law enforcement officials converged on a house in Ciceron, Castries.

A Cuba-born female who has been living here for over a decade was in the same house at the time when the wanted man was held  about 4.00 am, it was reported.

Surena had a firearm in his possession, law enforcement sources here told St Lucia Times.

Media reports in the fugitive’s homeland say Surena has chalked up 15 convictions between 2005 and 2015 for offences that include drug trafficking, violence, aggravated thefts and road crimes.




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