Martinique Gendarmes Intercept Stolen Bikes, Other Items Destined For Saint Lucia

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Martinique law enforcement officers have intercepted several stolen items loaded for shipment to Saint Lucia.

On Monday and Tuesday evening, investigators seized two loads of  the stolen property in Southern Martinique and arrested a Saint Lucian national.

According to reports from Martinique, the property included motorbikes, boat engines, food, medicines, telephones, cigarettes, alcohol and clothing.

For more than a week, Martinique had seen violent unrest as residents protested against a vaccine mandate for health care workers and a trade union coalition launched a general strike.

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The unions were calling for, among other things, an end to the vaccine mandate, salary increases, and lower gas prices.

People set property on fire, blocked roads, and looted stores amid the social unrest.

And media reports indicated that several Saint Lucians took part in the looting.

But with the arrival of reinforcements from France, the French Caribbean Island has returned to some semblance of calm.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. This stealing practice is rooted in St Lucians, you remember how one leader said he had to lied to the government of Taiwan to get money. What happened to him nothing. So this is our culture.

  2. yeah boy if that had touch down that would have been a peace of hit that person would a be smiling for Christmas. now you see of course that’s why the French people will always hate you Lucians and thats why they will always put obeah behind yall to die on these bikes you stealing and people falling victims to this (rip Jeff from la Croix), so this is what they do and when they come back here they flashing big long chain and everyday a different new clothes and shoes and drinking different expensive alcohol and showing off money and these jackass girls falling for these fellas that like fast life and dont want to work but rob and steal , hmm now i see why there is a limit to change euros when you go to the bank. I was at the bank and a lady ask if i can change three hundred euros for her I got scared and I said no.

  3. And when they die on bikes we question and say “why you? Ride with the angels”…
    Think that’s St. Lucia people don’t know how to do things when people steal their property. These French people don’t care they gonna do whatever it takes to mess the person up.

    Many people might disagree with what I said but its bare reality

  4. We would jump to sky blue to chastise another, if they had carry out such practice and make headline similar like this. But among us live the criminals, crooks, cons, scammers, thieves, political criminals etc. We have all the elements who live and dwells so we must not behave like angels when others are being expose to do the same, The funny part of it all those goods that was destine here were to make a Christmas deals i supposed. What the french police should have done were to follow those thieves back to their home country and then make an arrest, they probably would have had to hire a cruise boat to extradite the amount of people who are within the ring of the scheme. The police caught hold of some gun and amos few days ago but trust me they are 1000 times more than that amount out on the streets well kept in safe hands. I urge the business community to keep a vigilant eye on these vagabonds and urge police to do more under cover patrols.

  5. What scum! I wonder how long Martinique is going to put up with that crap? The unchecked criminal behaviors they exhibit here is seemingly the norm in their world. Unfortunately for them, Martinique is a real place.

  6. OH my God, what has happened to these Islands? Martinique was a place I really cherished as I have some relatives with established Business and lots of very good friends there; now as a St. Lucian I would hate to visit, passing as a Lucian. Who are these monkeys shaming the reputation of St. Lucia like that? it may look bad now but I predict the worse to come as time goes by. The French Police could soon get the O.K. to shoot robbers on sight, if that’s what it takes. Then who cares really.

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