Thursday, September 29, 2022

Martinique: Grandpa Jailed Over Rape Of His Granddaughters, Others

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On Friday a Martinique court jailed a 76-year old grandfather accused of rape by seven women, including three of his granddaughters aged seven and over at the time.

Local news reports did not identify the man but said the court sentenced him to fourteen years at Ducos prison.

According to Martinique 1 Ere, the five-day trial took place behind closed doors.

The online publication reported that the feminist organisation Culture Egalité demonstrated its solidarity with the victims outside of the Fort de France court.

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According to the group, the victims finally got justice.

Spokesperson Maguy Linise reminded females, especially mothers, not to remain silent in the face of sexual abuse.

The grandfather went to prison as soon as the trial ended, and Martinique 1 Ere said the defence did not appeal.

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  1. The French Justice is real, strong and powerful; would the French have a hundred plus inmates waiting for trial for over a year – for what ever reason? – these guys committed murder and Government after Government, eating three meals, free medicine and whatever, Warders being paid(why)some are caught committing crime.
    A dirty guy sent up for 14 years in Martinique, wont be out before age 90; would that ever happen in St. Lisi? JUSTICE FOR JUSTICE which is and which isn’t? who is winning and who’s the loser. St. Lucia needs a miracle, Lord we need one badly, is it in our Court system?

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