Martinique Hospital Delegation Visits Saint Lucia

A delegation from the University Hospital of Martinique recently paid a visit to the Owen King EU hospital here.

The Ministry of Health says the visit formed part of continuing  efforts to prepare for the smooth transition from the Victoria hospital to the new Owen King EU hospital through a series of discussions.

According to a ministry release, the visitors provided their feedback and technical expertise on the transition from the Victoria hospital to the Millenium Heights Medical Complex.

Permanent Secretary in the Department of Health & Wellness Felix St. Hill explained that the support is practically in all facets of the transitioning, including the medical,clinical, organizational and technological aspects.

“The team that just arrived in St. Lucia that has been working with us for the past two days, they have been looking at our electrical system, our water system, our medical gas systems, our policy with regard to maintenance, even some of our organizational issues,” he disclosed.

According to St. Hill, Martinique just went through a transitioning themselves to the University hospital of Martinique where they had some enlargements of their facilities and their own services.

Director of Cooperation at the University Hospital of Martinique Christiane Bourgeois said it is important that they strengthen their medical cooperation with St. Lucia.

“We discovered a wonderful and exciting building. This OKEU is very interesting building. We discovered also a very engaged team; people ready for change. As for me, the visit was a very good one because we can see that all the comprehensive plan have been prepared but there are some very specific technical issues to address in order to secure all plans. So, we leave St. Lucia in the hope that they will succeed and we can help succeed this challenge,” the Martinique official was quoted as saying.