Martinique nationals missing on Saint Lucia trip

Two nationals of Martinique who set sail for Saint Lucia on May 19, 2017 have been reported missing.

The men have been identified as Christophe Quimper, alias ‘Bato’ and Ismael Nemorin, alias ‘Ti Costo’.

A search and rescue operation has failed to find them.

Relatives have told the media in Martinique that they have not heard from the missing men since Saturday, May 20, at 3:30 pm.

The relatives have said that they are very worried.

The families of both men have taken to social media in their quest to  try to locate them.




  1. When is St Lucian…so much things to say….now is from Martinque u St lucians have noting to say…….so they not in drugs too

  2. Pretty sure I saw those guys in town a few days ago. Something about them stood out and first thing that came to mind was that they are not locals and likely French. They were accompanied by two others, ladies if memory serves me correctly..

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