Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Martinique Prefect Tests Positive For COVID-19

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Fully vaccinated since May this year, local reports say that Martinique Prefect Stanislas Cazelles planned to take his booster shot on Friday, only to test positive for COVID-19  days before on Monday.

However, his office reported that Cazelles is doing well and has only mild symptoms of the infection.

He is currently in isolation, performing his duties via videoconference.

According to Martinique 1 Ere, health officials identified three contact cases that tested negative for COVID-19.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. There’s nothing like fully vaccinated now, its booster after booster……….when will this shate end?

  2. i dont understand this , if you are fully vaccinated why must you now again take a booster shot? cant you take normal things people take to boost up your immune system instead of just relying on this lab made drug? there was a lady i knew she took both vaccines and then she took a booster shot and she said she has not been feeling well since.

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