Martinique Records 15 New COVID-19 Cases In 24 Hours

Martinique has recorded 15 new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours, local reports say.

According to Martinique 1ere, as of Thursday, 81 people have been infected with the virus.

The online publication reported that the 15 cases recorded in the last 24 hours are hospitalised at the Martinique University Hospital .

Twelve patients are said to be in intensive care.

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis two people in Martinique have been healed and one person has died.

The reports about the increase in COVID-19 cases in Martinique comes against the backdrop of efforts to stop the illegal entry of persons from that Island into Saint Lucia by boat.

Saint Lucia police have announced that there will be 24 hour surveillance of ‘hotspots’ at sea to prevent people smuggling.


  1. St.Lucians Coming in from Martinique onboard these Fiberglass Boats at any Beach in St.Lucia .The Patrols have to be More Intense on land and Sea .These persons will Cause persons in their Communities To fall Sick and this will Get out of Control.

  2. What about the 8 persons that came from martinique on the boat n the government was informed that they were coming and they have tested positive it was on the news in martinique why aren’t we hearing anything about that?

    • we’re probably waiting on VH to free up to begin the testing more than likely. Then you may see a sharp increase in our cases in St. Lucia.

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