Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Martinique Residents Urged Not To Panic Over Mount Pelée Volcanic Activity

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Martinique officials are urging people not to panic amid a rise to yellow alert for Mount Pelée Volcano.

They say despite an increase in seismic activity, no eruption is expected in the short term.

No risk, no alert, no concern for the population,” the Mayor of Saint-Pierre, Christian Rapha, was quoted by Martinique 1Ere as saying.

He noted that Soufrière in Guadeloupe has been classified in yellow since 1999.

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Yellow is the third level of alert on a scale of 5, followed by the pre-alert in orange then the red alert.

The increase to yellow in the alert level for Mount Pelée is due to an increase in activity measured by the various monitoring sensors on the volcano.

Small earthquakes have been taking place every day and for some time they have been more numerous while  gas surges are also more frequent, local reports say.

An identical phenomenon took place in 2000.

According to Martinique 1Ere, the increase in the volcano’s alert level will give scientists new means of observation including the use of drones.

Mount Pelée is infamous for having erupted in 1902 destroying the town of Saint-Pierre.

Some 30,000 people perished in the space of a few minutes.

Headline photo: Tourists view Mount Pelée (Stock photo) 

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