Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Martinique Rolls Out GPS Bracelets To Track Domestic Violence Offenders

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GPS bracelets for use in tracking domestic violence offenders arrived Monday in neighbouring Martinique, local reports say.

The arrival of the devices has been welcomed by women’s groups in the French overseas territory.

This devices are still in the experimental phase in mainland France, while Martinique is the first overseas territory to participate in the experiment, the online publication reported.

France began rolling out the initiative in September this year.

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It is expected to be available for enforcement throughout the country by year end.

Judges will then be able to order the GPS trackers for men convicted of assault and order a man accused of assault to wear a bracelet before he is convicted and there are grounds for him to wear a GPS bracelet.

However, according to RFI France,  the alleged offender must agree to wear the bracelet and if he refuses, the judge can order prosecutors to open a criminal inquiry.

The victim will be given a device to keep on her at all times. The alleged offender will have to respect a restraining order as defined by the judge. If the accused oversteps the minimum distance, he will be instantly contacted by the service monitoring the devices, RFI France said.

Should the offender fail to respond or move away, police will intervene.

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