Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Martinique Starts Campaign To Cull Stray Cattle

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Martinique has launched a campaign in several of its communities to cull stray cattle.

The campaign began on Wednesday and will continue until April 10, local reports say.

It will take place in Presqu’île, Choco, Derrière-Bois and Chemin Mericy districts.

Saint Joseph Mayor, Yan Monplaisir, has defended the campaign in the face of claims that it is shocking to slaughter the animals.

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Local media quoted him as saying that attempts to capture the stray animals have been ineffective.

“These unidentified animals cause damage to farms and put the population at risk, a person has been gored”, the Mayor explained.

. “We therefore came to the conclusion, in agreement with the State services, with the veterinary services, that there was no other way than to launch this slaughter campaign to ensure the safety of citizens,” the Mayor asserted.

Because of the campaign, the authorities have prohibited walking and hiking  in certain designated areas while the culling takes place.

They have also prohibited people from parking vehicles in the culling zones.

As a result, law enforcement officials say they will be monitoring the designated areas to ensure compliance.

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