Martinque Man Detained In Shooting Death of Saint Lucian

A 53-year old native of Martinique has been detained by law enforcement authorities in the French territory, in connection with the shooting death of Saint Lucian, Terry Shereem Alcindor, 22, local reports say.

The incident occurred on March 5, 2019 in the Pays-Mêlé district of Lamentin.

According to information obtained by Saint Lucia Times, Alcindor was legally in Martinique and had been living there for some time.

Sources explained that the young Saint Lucian was renting a downstairs apartment.

But they told St Lucia Times that owner had some issues with him concerning visitors to the rented apartment, a number of scooters that were at the property apparently to be fixed by Alcindor and noise.

They said the owner asked a neighbour to have a word with Alcindor.

The 53-year old neighbour is reported to have gone to speak with Alcindor when there was an altercation..

According to reports, the neighbour ended up being stabbed with a knife and went to his house and obtained his licensed firearm.

Alcindor was then fatally shot.

The 53-year old suspect has since been indicted for murder, and has been remanded in custody at Ducos prison.