Martinus Francois Says Government ‘Powerless’ In Face Of Mounting Crime

Describing the Allen Chastanet administration as incompetent, Attorney at Law Martinus Francois has declared that the government is powerless in the face of mounting crime.

“If they cannot solve crime, which is our number one social problem, then they must demit office and let other people that can solve the crime problem take over the running of the country,” Francois told St Lucia Times.

The Constitutional Lawyer also responded to the recent announcement by Justice Minister Hermangild Francis, of moves to remove cases of gun crime from the jurisdiction of magistrates and place those cases before the high court.

The minister spoke in response to what he described as the ‘troubling’ case  recently of a man being granted $13,000 bail for possession of a high powered rifle.

However Martinus Francois asserting that the government is obviously dissatisfied with penalties for gun crime, said the administration must understand that the judiciary, whether the magistrate’s court or the high court, have discretion in relation to punishment for firearm offences.

“They cannot take it away from the judiciary,” he asserted.

“By virtue of the constitution, both magistrates and judges have their discretion and if they want to take it away they have to amend the constitution,” the Attorney at Law explained.




  1. More people, especially those with the knowledge and expertise must speak up, for or against matters affecting the country, particularly to educate the masses, without political bias, so that they, the people can be better informed .

  2. Those with the knowledge and expertise, for the love of the country, should volunteer to educate the masses, without political bias, so that they, the people, can be better informed.

  3. What’s wrong with my unbiased comment ? Just pleading for the reeducation of the masses, without political bias by patriots with the knowledge and expertise

  4. The people have to want to be informed. There must be a thirst for liberation through education. Sometimes we are just comfortable with where we are as third world country followers.

  5. I still believe in the people,but we never get an invitation to participate,in any comunity meetings.So we are deaf and blind,we dont hear or see anything.And our representatives hide their heads,they cant face the comunity members.But lets start by changing our constitution,that will give us a legal base to start.

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