Mary Francis wants action on human rights

Human Rights Activist, Mary Francis, has said that she is looking forward with expectancy to action being taken on human rights in this country, with the appointment of Hermangild Francis as Minister of National Security.

Hermangild Francis, a former Deputy Police Commissioner, announced last night on television that he was to be sworn in as the new Minister of Home Affairs, National Security and Legal Affairs.

“We have to wait and see,” Miss Francis said of the appointment.

She noted that Hermangild Francis has a policing background.

The Human Rights Activist and Attorney at Law told the Times that his policing background may augur well for addressing the real issues.

“He might be more sensitive and more understanding and probably more willing to assist,” she explained.

However in terms of the ruling party’s pledge to address the IMPACS matter, the Human Rights Activist told the Times that she was adopting a wait and see attitude.

She described the IMPACS matter as a nagging situation.

“I hope it is going to take front stage and be dealt with in an expeditious manner,” Francis told the Times.

The ruling United Workers Party (UWP), while in opposition, had promised to announce the terms of reference of an independent tribunal to deal with the IMPACS case within one hundred days of coming into office.

Miss Francis has promised to be vigilant as usual, to ensure that everything happens to bring about the changes necessary, especially in the judicial system.

She asserted that people have been suffering in terms of the justice that is meted out to them.

“Some of the functionaries in the judicial system seem to lack the emotional intelligence required to ensure that persons are dealt with fairly and with respect,” Francis declared.

She said that in the new dispensation, she does not see why the state should have privileges above the average citizen when it comes to the court.

“We have a constitution that enshrines fundamental human rights,” she told the Times.


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