Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mary Francis Backs Saint Lucia’s Plan To Join The CCJ

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Human Rights advocate Mary Francis has supported Saint Lucia’s plan to join the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), announced by Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre.

Pierre indicated that Saint Lucia was working on accession to the court’s appellate jurisdiction in his New Year address.

“We must not be afraid of our own potential to do great things and trust our institutions and systems,” Pierre declared this week on his official Facebook page.

The CCJ settles disputes between Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states and also serves as the highest court of appeals on civil and criminal matters for the national courts of Barbados, Belize, and Guyana.

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The National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights coordinator, Mary Francis, told St Lucia Times that she was not against this country joining the CCJ.

“I think it is time to solidify our independence in the Caribbean by joining the CCJ and removing the Privy Council from our justice system,” the outspoken Attorney at Law declared.

She noted that the sun had long set over the British Empire.
“Over sixty years now, the independence movement has gone on, and to solidify it we have to really access the CCJ,” Francis stated.

However, she pointed out that the Prime Minister is aware of ‘the cancer’ of brutality by some police officers against citizens in Saint Lucia.

Francis declared that Pierre has to take a serious look at this country’s justice system to see how the culture of impunity in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) can stop.

“In opposition, in government, they always just turn a blind eye to the question of police brutality because they are concentrating on the police being there to prevent crime, but prevention of crime does not include brutality,” she stated.

“I have not heard the Prime Minister denounce or make any statement denouncing the case of the man who was tied to a pole. This was a breach of his right not to be treated inhumanely,” Francis asserted.

She also said she had not heard Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte speak regarding the issue.

Police Commissioner Milton Desir has disclosed that an investigation is underway after reports that an off-duty police officer handcuffed a man to a pole in the community of Sarrot, Castries, for over sixteen hours over the alleged theft of oranges.

According to reports, residents beat the man who was left exposed to the elements.

Police Commissioner Milton Desir said  after receiving the complaint, an investigator was immediately assigned to the case to provide findings to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, who would make recommendations to the Police Commissioner.

And he warned against vigilante justice.

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  1. This is stupid. Pierre must be listening to his old lawyer friends that was once part of the SLP and now sitting on caribbean courts. These little islands are corrupt to the bone. there is political interference everywhere. drug lords, barons, fraudsters, wife beaters, you name the crime, caribbean politics have it. now tell me how you can trust that lot to run any court of justice? its like lucians looking for the court of Injustice. This type of backwardness and people behind it, must stop. i not for no privy council. but lets be honest here; our little islands are so corrupt that we cant even get justice in them. now tell me when you put those same fellas guilty and associated with the crimes i mentioned in charge of court people, what you say you do? I am getting disgusted with Pierre and his antics day by day. But unlike you lucians who call yourself regretful voter and all nonsense, i eh regret nada because i saw those bats of hell coming for the country from day one. chastanet was far from perfect but i knew them fellas would have really screwed us over.

  2. Perhaps us ignorant plebs…..180,000 people of primarily African descent should be given a right to choose on this important step in a referendum rather than have it imposed by a group of massa parliamentarians and their elitist “intellectual ” friends. Democracy not dictatorship please.

  3. Mary I would want to see the day you would condone crime … please do as you in your youth days because you never seem to bash criminals never ever

  4. I totally agree, there are way to many thieves in St Lucia.The Police should be happy for assistance from the public and that is the way I see it from an ex police point of view.

  5. I personally like the community justice … the police can bark and so does mary francis, when you catch the thieves in the act do what is necessary to make sure that person or persons think a 1000 times before he/she goes to hurt someone in the future, for me i’ll say take a knife and give him/her and X on his forehead so he can be seen in public knowing he is a thief, let mary & desir bark all they wanted.

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