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Mary Francis Bemoans ‘Paltry’ Award In Fatal Police Shooting

Attorney at Law,Mary Francis, has bemoaned what she described as a ‘paltry’ award by the court to the mother of a man who was shot dead by Saint Lucia police in August 2013.

On Friday, the court rendered judgement against the state in favour of the mother of the late Chassin, Babonneau resident – Mandy Louisy.

Damages were awarded in the sum of $14,838.98 with interest at the rate of 6%, Francis disclosed in a statement Tuesday.

“It is low and disappointing for the family,” the Attorney at Law told St Lucia Times.

“Even if it was a big sum that would not bring back Mandy,” she declared.

Francis called attention to all the family of the deceased had to endure from 2013.

“It’s a paltry sum,” she declared.

However the outspoken Human Rights campaigner explained that law is ‘almost like a science’ in that there are principles which are applied in assessing the measure of damage and what sum will be awarded.

Francis told St Lucia Times that the Judge took into consideration that at the time when Mandy Louisy was shot and died, he was unemployed.

“It is true, there was evidence that he was a boat captain – he was a trained boat captain, that was his occupation; but at the time when he was shot he was not captaining any boat,” Francis stated.

“When you have to make an award for loss of earnings -what he would have earned if he was not killed by the police from that time until maybe the age of 60, because that is how it is done. If somebody dies at an early age, they take it from the age the person died at to 65 which is the retirement age in Saint Lucia,” she said.

Francis explained that the sum of money the person would have earned is used as a measure to arrive at a figure.

However she noted that since Louisy was unemployed at the time, the court did not make an award for loss of earnings which would have boosted the compensation to the family of the deceased..

Mandy Louisy was 32 years old at the time of his death.

Francis described him as a strong man who could have lived until the age of 65.

“The question is, are you saying he would not have worked at all between 32 and 65? Surely he would have had to maintain himself – sustain himself, so he would have been working. To my mind something could have been awarded to make the figure a little higher for loss of earnings. He was the one who supported his mother. She was a dependent on him and she has lost that income that she was getting from him,” the Attorney at Law stated.

Francis said the situation was unfortunate.

She said she does not know what will happen to the police officers who were involved in the incident.

“This is Saint Lucia,” Francis told St Lucia Times.



  1. The four officers involved should be charged and jailed like anyone else would. They shot him in the back and didn’t even bother to call the ambulance but rather threw him in the back of their vehicle like he was a stray animal and just drop him by causalty. He was a person, a human being and deserves justice!!

  2. I have never read more crap than this a slap in the face of the family another case of injustice on this rock. The man’s unemployment status should not determined the level of monetary compensation the state has to pay out. St Lucia is [email protected]*#@* backward place you know. You are telling me that the value of life and the pain and suffering by the mans family is worth just a little under $15.000 dollars ? Boy when you are poor the civility of justice in this country is so against you the upper class would not accept it we have seen where they were award compensation in wrongful death lawsuit here for a hundred times more than this. I would appeal it. I don’t know if they have the funds or courage to do so again but I would strongly encourage them to do so if the can. (1) Dump the attorney I hope he or she have a spine and would just consider this a pro bono based on the small pay out awarded (2) Find another lawyer if there are any that has a more stellar track record in civil litigation and see what your options are and go back at it a message needs to and must be sent. Its crap like this that give credence as to why the Leachy law should remained in place against Saint Lucia

    • Don’t comment when you’re high buddy.

      You mentioned some valid points however the others invalidate the valid points which you did make. (make sense!)

  3. No justice for all, police is above the law in St lucia. The criminals r fighting back.


    Expressing ‘…dissent’ over the ‘…Compensatory Judgment,’ has always been part of the ‘…Freedom of Expression,’ as most democracies allow.

    However, an attorney knows that in Courts of First Instance where a judgment is perceived as ‘…short of expectations,’ shall be taken to a ‘…superior Jurisdiction.’

    The attorney might wish to read this Case, ‘…SOMRAH v ATTORNEY GENERAL (Guyana) [2009: CCJ 5 (AJ).’ Though not necessarily the same circumstances, she might just find some ‘…guiding principles’ for an appeal against the ‘…meager sum awarded.’

    Seems that ‘…unemployment’ was heavily considered by the Court, as opposed to the ‘…reckless action of the police’ in tragically snuffing out the life of the deceased.

  5. What we need is a revolution in this country as we are treated like second class citizens the police are under orders by the rich elite to kill our native black people we need to fight back there is exploitation and slavery going on in st Lucia today is mother’s day but most mother’s are exploited working for hotels and security companies like Guardsman for less than 4:00 an hour the majority of mothers earn less than a thousand dollars a month we need a minimum wage rate of 12:50 an hour or else crime will escalate

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