Mary Francis Concerned Over Nutrition Complaints From BCF Inmates

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Human Rights advocate Mary Francis has expressed concern over complaints from Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) inmates about poor nutrition at the facility.

“They say the nutrition is very poor at the facility, that they’re just being fed with rice and chow mein over the past few weeks,” Francis said.

She told St Lucia Times she did not know whether COVID-19 had impacted the availability of funds.

But the Coordinator of the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights asserted that the state could not take away someone’s liberty for committing an offence and then keep the individual locked up and not feed them properly.

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“I think it is the duty of the state to ensure they get some form of protein and some form of nutritious food. They are complaining. Some of them are sick and need medication and that medication is not available for them in the medical ward,” the outspoken Attorney at Law declared.

As a result, Francis said she intends to write to Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte.

However, an official who spoke on condition of anonymity rejected assertions that inmates at the BCF receive poor nutrition.

“The BCF may be deficient in other areas, but not that one,” the official explained.

“It’s just like at your own home, sometimes the food may not be to your liking and if an inmate feels he does not like the food, he will complain.”

The official told St Lucia Times that the BCF has to provide some 500 inmates with meals three times a day and must legally ensure that the food is up to standard.

In addition, the official observed that some inmates are on a special diet, and the facility must also cater to their needs.

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  1. It is good to know that the nutrition at any institution housing criminals anywhere in the world,is never the same as it is at home for the majority. The minority are those who are homeless and sometimes will commit crimes just to get incarcerated so they could have a home. I bet they have not lost any weight . I government cannot show any signs of weakness, because the demand will continue to rise. The inhabitants there have misbehaved in recent times and do not deserve any reward.

  2. It would help to assign a certified nutritionist to BCF to ensure inmates are served balance meals. Also, there needs to be a daily, weekly, monthly menus posted/published.

  3. ul Lucian’s fast an ferious to judge but can’t understand day never said dat da prisoners not getting 3 square meals per day da problem is da foods spoild an sometimes smelling meaning it’ is expired dats wat day get everyday day don’t get enythin from da farm wat ever dat is produced on dat farm goes to hotel an supermarkets one more as soon as finish eating u have to run to toilet

  4. You shoot and kill people and you demand proper treatment for doing so; what,s wrong with good old Bread Fruit, pounded with zaboca (Avocado) and salt fish, how about green (Figs) Banana, Dasheen & Fly Fish, some mango on the side, Mary if you have nothing to say, I suggest one word for you, S…..

  5. You always concern about your criminals but you never tell them stop committing crimes .. Mary Francis you full of shyt

  6. Thank you Mary Francis, for speaking up fir human beings . I beg to differ, cold tea and a piece of bread is not considered a meal.
    Big lunch of rice and noodles is not good nutrition. It is always important to tell the truth

  7. Don’t commit crime to go behind bars if you want to eat certain foods daily. Choops tan. They will soon be asking for steak and lobster for their dinner.

  8. I agree with you and disagree i understand that we have rights,Mary Francis will always get flack for speaking on behalf of people’s rights and everyone is human at the ending of the day what I don’t understand is why there isn’t a voice for the venerable my brother was shot dead in the street like a dog by some unknown person didn’t heard anything from Mary Francis or any other entities how ever my problem is when police officers carrying out their duties and extra force is been used she is the first to comment I understand that part weather u a criminal or a murderer they have rights and they are human but I am confused towards we people kill each other there’s no voice for them and is ok

  9. The inmates along with Mary Francis do not depend on the state for a taxpayers money to get a complete nutrition. Further more three square meals a day. Get those inmates to plant, eat what they grow. Poultry, raise the chicken, and even a pond for fish, vegetables, fruits and peas and beans. When those men get themselves engaged in meaningful activities by the time they released from prison they know that they are equipped to face the world out there to earn a living and to be productive citizens of the country.

  10. In a time when many St. Lucians are struggling to put three edible meals on the table, here comes Mary. Such is the desperation of the times, even Pierre is recommending a diet of fig in its various formats. The government is broke. This time Mary is concerned with protein intake for the inmates. Apparently, she has not gotten the memo…or has been in hibernation. I am doubtful if she will get a resounding nod from the general public. She is surely in line for a next round of ridicule. In keeping with her spirit of jest, I have a list of recommended food items: foie gras, herb and garlic baked cod, egg and cottage cheese salad, herbed chicken skewers.

    My message to those inmates is clear, join other St. Lucians as we undergo a difficult period. Foods that you once disliked, prepare to tolerate them just as other people are doing.

  11. The BCF should be farming their own food farm with “nutritious” food. It is understandable that certain other foods will need to be acquired (rice, salt, pastas, beans, etc.) from the outside. BUT…. inmates should be made “industrious” by having them to maintain a food farm, complete with animals (cows, pigs, chickens, etc.), for their nutritional value. This is an activity Mary Francis should bring to the table!! Inmates should not be treated as spoilt brats.

    I was of the impression that the BCF maintains a food farm for their use. If not – this is preposterous and putting a financial strain on the BCF.

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