Mary Francis Concerned Over ‘Reckless’ Police Action In Jacmel

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Attorney at Law Mary Francis has expressed concern over  ‘reckless’ police action in an incident at Bois d’ Inde, Jacmel, on Saturday.

 But the police and citizens have provided differing accounts of what transpired.

Mary Francis is the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights Coordinator.

“Whilst we know we are under siege from criminals with all that’s going on with all those shootings taking place on a daily basis, to me the police – especially some of them, they are not helping the situation,” she told St Lucia Times.

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According to the outspoken human rights advocate, crime prevention and law enforcement go together.

In this regard, Francis referred to a viral social media video, replayed on local television news, in which the police fired on a vehicle.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) said an officer and a male occupant of the vehicle sustained injuries.

However,  based on what she saw in the video, Francis said that the police behaved recklessly in asking citizens in the vehicle to stop and firing several rounds after it.

“The citizens all spoke out and said there was no need for this type of behavior,” the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights Coordinator observed.

“Especially it would seem that the police officer involved was from the community and he was involved in some game as to what I heard on the media, I don’t know whether that is true,” Francis told St Lucia Times.

She lamented that the Police Complaints Unit is not working and pointed to the frequency of police-involved incidents, such as the one in Jacmel.

“This has been happening in Saint Lucia all the time – you find police officers are abusing their powers to settle private matters they may have or problems with members of the community,” Francis observed.

She said it was refreshing to hear this week’s remarks by Joachim Henry, Minister for Equity, Social Justice, and Empowerment.

“I think he had incidents of the police abusing their powers in his constituency, and he came out over the media and he also said that the police hierarchy must respond. Indeed, that is quite true. However, I am not hearing anything from the Police Commissioner – he is always in and out of the country attending meetings,” the Attorney at Law declared.

“When you have such incidents of police recklessly firing shots at citizens like that, to me the Police Commissioner and the police hierarchy should make a statement. This is what Mr. Joachim Henry said. In a situation like that there must be some response,” Francis declared.


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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. I just have one observation – as an attorney you should never use the words – “I don’t know whether that is true,” Francis told St Lucia Times.

    Attorneys are required to only state FACTS – girl bye!!!!!

  2. I agree Mary Frances you have too many police in St Lucia abusing their power “TO SETTLE PRIVATE MATTERS” A VERY COMMON PRACTICE. You see some of these very same St Lucian’s who bitching at you FoRGET the police has A HISTORY of firing on civilian vehicles without provocation. Who can forget or was born when the said police fired on a BUS LOAD OF PEOPLE traveling from VF killing one an old man looking for drug dealer AND TO DATE NOTHING CAME OUT OF IT. Swept under the rug, the state did not even COMPENSATE the family they had to find funds to bury him, No apology, no nothing, the officers were not even disciplined they still there promoted and all. St Lucia Police has no accountability, and very indiscipline. Leadership, leadership, leadership, the lack of it

    • Shut your trap. You idiot!!!!! The police are not perfect nor are they Godly. This is the situation the world over – so expect them to make mistakes. Because of idiots like you, they should sit on their lazy arses like they normally do and allow the gun violence to escalate. I wonder what you will do then. Idiot!!!!!

      The police has to do whatever it takes to bring this crime situation under control. The state has the responsibility to pick up the pieces where the police has erred and compensate if needs be. But the cleaning must go on.

      • i agree with you but did you have a time to actually look at the videos and listen to what transpired? the guys didnt commit any crime nor did they have any intention to commit any crime and didnt have any gun on them or in the car. So what you saying is that it is ok for police to just shoot randomly at the car because the driver choose not to stop? the police were so close to the vehicle that they could have shot at the tires and the vehicle would have slowed down. What if there were children in that car? what if there were innocent people by the road cause where the police started shooting from there are house within five or ten feet and a bullet could have killed on of them in their own house as well. The moto of the police is to serve and to protect and i dont think they did none of this from the videos i saw. The people they have to go and shoot at living lower down the road in that famous gang they not going and do it at all.

  3. So mary is not concerned about her criminals esp in vf..affecting the economy? Students afraid to go to school? Persons afraid to go to work? Vendors produce rottening and fishers hardly go to sea because people to afraid to go out to buy. That should be your concern miss eye pencil. The dominoe effect the pigs you represent has on the vf town. Be concerned about that first.u stay away in all this gun crime, then u come talk about the police. Yes they were wrong. But human rights also states the right for citizens to live comfortably. So represent the citizens as well, not only ur lil devils..tonnair

  4. That witch should stay in hiding. We have been under siege by those criminals for a few years now and I have heard nothing from her. Her human beings are slaughtering we the animals almost daily and to her amusement I suppose, since we hear nothing from her. And now she is complaining about the police action. The police must regain control by whatever means necessary. Bartons cannot be used to fight gun touting criminals. So the police should use the weapons which they LEGALLY carry, to suppress those thugs. No level of force should be off the table.

  5. Mary Mary quite contuery how does your garden grow you such an ass it’s amazing don’t crank me take the gangsters to live with you

  6. Mary Mary jumping up, Mary Mary jumping up, She jump so high she fall and burst her ….
    Mary always seem to come out of her crab hole only when she hears something about the police. She has no evidence on an issue that is currently under investigation but she is already playing judge, jury and executioner. Don’t know why morons like her don’t stay in hibernation.

  7. Mary came out at the worst time to condemn the police with half trues and hearsay, Criminality is at an all time high and everyone is living in fear, even the police. In all the countries where they advocate for so called human rights, people’s rights are being trampled upon on a daily basis and the police fire their weapons when orders are disobeyed. In our dire situation here, the police must take the upper hand, otherwise the criminals will.

  8. Yes Mary Francis Alledged police Shooting you have So many Negative Comments to make against the Police.How many Homicides have been at that Boisden Community .How many Persons have been arrested.How many Of the Decease Relatives have you Visited none .Anytime is a police Shooting you every Negative thing to say about the Police. Mary Francis you Anti police but you can jump high Jump low what is to be will be .No Country runs without a Police Force and Nothing will happen to no police who Executed the Duties of a Law Enforcement.Its time you go and S—- your —–.

  9. Mary I am sick of people like you including some parts of the media jumping on the police before all the facts are disclosed.

    This behavior is not helping with the maintenance of law and order in this country.

    I am sick of some parts of the media reporting so called witnesses and not balancing their reports with the other side of the story.

    Police are not perfect but are out there in areas stocked with illegal high powered guns.

  10. It was a matter of time before this Old Bat came crawling out of her cave.

    It does not matter if you are a human rights lawyer to only react when the Police is alleged of a wrong doing.

    Why do you not tell the those wannabe gangsters/criminals/illegal gun owners which you love representing, to stop with all the bloodshed?

  11. I have told you so before. Mary is full of crap. I mean loads of it. The basis for her condemnation,
    “Especially it would seem that the police officer involved was from the community and he was involved in some game as to what I heard on the media, I don’t know whether that is true,” Francis told St Lucia Times.”
    “However, based on what she saw in the video, Francis said that the police behaved recklessly in asking citizens in the vehicle to stop and firing several rounds after it.”

    That woman has lost credibility a long time ago. Her earlier call for body cameras on police officers was the final straw. In order of priorities for a functional force, body cams would be at the bottom of any list. Can’t she see the place is dead broke? I think she has attended too many overseas meetings. Hence, she has lost touch with local reality. By the way, her foreign masters don’t even practice what they teach. Don’t get me started.


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