Friday, December 6, 2019

Mary Francis Presented With “Woman of Courage Award”

Press Release:–  The ovation was resounding as Attorney Mary Francis was recognised  with the “Woman of Courage Award” on Sunday, June 02, 2019.

Presented by Sanue Joseph of the group, Where Ladies Talk (WLT), the award recognises Francis’ dedication and perseverance and the impact of her work.

The award was one of many firsts for  WLT, a newly formed organisation built on a social media platform.

The almost 500+ member group has in a short while proven to be a valuable resource for women on Saint Lucia.

In delivering the award Joseph stated simply, “I wanted to honour Mary Francis because she deserves it.”

She noted further “Sisterhood is important for support…we need to let you know that we love you, that we honour you, that we appreciate you and that we are all here to support any and every woman.”

A lawyer by profession,  Mary Francis’s name has become synonymous with human rights.

She has been in the field for 38 years, serving as registrar of the Supreme Court and Chief registrar of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court before going into private practice in 1992.

She was a Parliamentarian, serving as a member of the senate in1992 and 1995.

 Ms Francis has remained true to her watchwords since being called to the Bar in 1981 – The law should be an instrument of social change rather than social control.

She has kept the conscience of Saint Lucian society alive by the undeterred respect for the dignity of the human person.

Her dedication and energy in defence of members of marginalised groups has been unparalleled and very often misunderstood, although recognised by international human rights agencies.

Joseph notes, “When the history if Saint Lucia is being written, the name Mary Francis will be remembered as being in the vanguard of social justice and a champion for human rights.”

Francis’ award was one of the highlights of A Woman Talks, a seminar by and for women.

The event featured nine phenomenal speakers with a special guest in the person of activist Kenita Placide, co-founder and Executive Director of the Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality (ECADE).  

A Wiman Speaks was supported by the Bay Gardens Beach Resort, E-Fuel Vouchers, PCD, Digicel, Barbay Ltd and FICS.

The event is the beginning of a journey of shared experiences out of the Where Ladies Talk group.

From the stories of resilience and joy that were the focus of Sunday’s event at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort, to networking and professional development opportunities.

Where Ladies Talk will actively nurture a sisterhood of support among women on Saint Lucia to become leaders in our own lives.



  1. The person who says not important is the essence of an idiot. Have no present no pass no future

  2. Congratulations to Ms Francis and to WLT team for recognising the importance of her work when many Saint Lucians are too uninformed to understand. Brava!

  3. Been a big fan..Total respect to one who throws themselves in swimming pool full of sharks. Congrats!!!!

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