Mary Francis Reiterates Call For Justice In Case Of ‘Vieux Fort 5’

With Sunday, May 5th, 2019 marking the 8th Anniversary of the killing of 5 men by Saint Lucia police, Human Rights campaigner, Mary Francis, has reiterated a call for justice in the matter.

“I wish to once again remind the authorities of the duty of the State to ensure that those involved in the killing of the Vieux Fort 5 as well as the other 6 persons who were killed in 2011 under the Police Operation Restore Confidence, are brought to justice in the interest of the Rule of Law and the protection of Human Rights by the State,” Francis told St Lucia Times.

“Further the authorities must be reminded, in particular the D.P.P that an Inquest was held in the case of the Vieux Fort “5,” and in 2016 the verdict of unlawful killing was returned in the case of the 4 of the 5 men,” the Coordinator of the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights said in a statement.

“Why then is the D.P.P quiet? The D.P.P must be reminded that unless those killings at the hands of the state are resolved there will forever be a stain on Justice System in Saint Lucia,” the outspoken Attorney at Law declared.

The “Vieux Fort Five’ – John Baptiste Mc Farlane, Mitchel Cadette, Allan Lenny Louisy, Myron Dupal and Kevin Ferdinand, were shot dead in 2011 by the police.

Law enforcers said that they were intercepting a robbery.



  1. 05/05/2019 (Part two)
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  2. Miss Mary, so you just wake up from your last sleep; You must first advice your many criminals, when you hear the word “police,” you then freeze, when you hear “stop,” you stop, for it is an order, or else you will be treated like a criminal; they killed my brother at work in his little shop, you never bark, they shot a police officer in 99, you shut your big mouth, i guess you are being paid to run your mouth against our officers. you only talking about the DPP and police; we don’t want you as police commissioner and the DPP position is not vacant, so try something else. Everybody has the right to live, tell your criminals, stop slaughtering people!

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