Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Mary Francis Says School Spanking Is State Sanctioned Assault On Children

Asserting that corporal punishment in schools represents state sanctioned assault on children, human rights advocate, Mary Francis, has welcomed moves to stop the practice.

“I welcome the cabinet conclusion to abolish corporal punishment in schools. I think that decision was a long time in coming because we have had serious assaults on children over the past years,” Francis, who is the Coordinator of the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights, told St Lucia Times.

She declared that the planned abolition of corporal punishment on May 1, 2020 is a step in the right direction, especially in relation to state sanctioned violence.

The outspoken Attorney at Law expressed the hope that members of the public would appreciate that beating children does not enhance their dignity.

“There are those who think beating children will help them learn and behave better, but research has proved otherwise,” Francis observed.

“We have allowed our cultural practices to impede us in terms of bringing changes to improve human rights and the dignity of the human person,” she asserted.

She noted that some people believe capital punishment will decrease crime and murder  and are therefore opposed to the abolition of judicial executions.

However Francis explained that as a country, Saint Lucia has to be ‘forward looking’ and take its place as a member of the international human rights community.



  1. human rights advocate, Mary Francis, has welcomed moves to stop the practice. I applaud the good doctor for her candidness is articulating some of the dangers of corporal punishment, and to elaborate on the fact that corporal punishment does not improve behavior. Beating is slave mentality and should not be handed down from generations to generations. St. Lucia is doing the civil thing and is showing that it is living in the 21st century and not in the barbaric ancient time.

  2. In my days,they beat the hell out of me,then there was a book in the headmistress office,when you did something bad they sent you to sign the book,and they called your parents,three signitures in that book,was expulsion from the school,and this was an expensive private school.Cant we have order and control our students with out beating ?

  3. If you wish to understand a unified field theory that explains negative adult behaviors that is the direct result of child corporal punishment I encourage your to read this 74 year old American Counselor’s book. He lived just 18.5 miles from me when I was a child experiencing the traumas that cause so many forms of addictions. As I returned to seek my undergraduate degree at University of MN, he was graduating with his doctorate in counseling in 1980. We were two ships passing in the night, just like child trauma and later adult addictions never see each others connections. Dr. Patrick Carnes book will allow you to see them together. “Bonds of Betrayal”. His insight needs to be spread like the Gospel itself!

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