Mary Francis Shocked Over Suspension Of Dr. Gilbertha St Rose In Ivermectin Case

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Attorney at Law Mary Francis has said that she is shocked and saddened over a decision by the Medical and Dental Council of Saint Lucia to suspend and fine Dr. Gilbertha St Rose.

The council has suspended St Rose for six months and fined her $10,000 for using the drug Ivermectin to treat patients for COVID-19 and encouraging its use against the virus.

In addition, the body wants her to undertake in writing to cease.

The. Dermatologist, Herbalist, and Integrative Health Care Specialist told St Lucia Times that she plans to hold a news conference.

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In the meantime, Attorney at Law Mary Francis described St Rose’s suspension and fine as draconian.

Francis observed that St Rose led integrative medicine using traditional plants.

And the outspoken Human Rights campaigner asserted that she has not heard of any deaths linked to using Ivermectin.

“To me, the jury is still out on Ivermectin,” she stated, adding that in so much confusion, the authorities expect people to only adhere to the official line.

According to Francis, the verdict of the Medical and Dental Council has drawn the battle lines with St Rose and will not ease public resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I think it is ridiculous. There could have been a different result,” Francis, Coordinator of the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights, told St Lucia Times.

And while acknowledging the council’s role in ensuring members of the medical profession behave ethically, Francis asserted that the public is not blind but recognises that nothing happens regarding some medical matters.

“I am in full support of Dr. St Rose to go all out to see whether she can get this decision overturned,” Francis stated


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  1. The GREAT thing is that Dr. St. Rose is also a Naturopathic Physician and also studied herbal medicine many years ago in India. So she still has her Allied Health Council License to practice Naturopathic Medicine and can still recommend Ivermectin to save lives and will still practice in her top-notch integrative medical center.

  2. @Un. You are the low life, devoid of critical thinking and analytical skills; a failure to the highest degree. No pun intended. Scratch that! Pun intended indeed! I will write however I darn well please. You illiterate imbecile! My earlier response to you was taken off by some other near illiterate at St lucia news online!

  3. @Lucian Bad Boy Grade, Having an education doesn’t automatically make you a smart, decent, respectable person with common sense. There are enough horrible educated people in this world. The way you speak shows your character and if you are easily able to hurl insults and be disrespectful at someone who didn’t do the same to you that says a lot about you so get out of here with your nonsense.

  4. @Un, you are a pretentious idiot barely capable of analytical and critical thought! Next, you will say on social media that people with degrees, must also dress a certain way, walk a certain way, ect…ect.. you are beyond pathetic and ridiculous! In fact, I now forced to question how you made it through primary school at your level. Dr. St Rose will certainly win her case against a bunch of incompetent people like yourself!

  5. @ Pat keep your damn advice to you damn idiotic self ok. I will post what I want, where I want too. I least I have what it takes to display my true character and I rather that than being a damn hypocrite like you. I said they are rejoicing and trying to justify and I stand by that. Has it dawned on you that I reside in St. Lucia and I know exactly what is happening? @ pat, you, @ Un , @Another one and @ Human Rights or Human Wrongs can go to hell.

  6. @Lucian Bad Boy Grade ……please have some respect. Your post truly reflects your character. This is not a war it’s a forum .. you need to stop calling folk names.

    In any civilized society there must be order. Licensed professionals can not administer drugs to the public without the appropriate authorizations or approvals of the governing bodies. The individuals who have stated these facts are correct.

    I read the post no one is rejoicing. Has it dawned on you that some of us don’t reside in St. Lucia, don’t know the doctor and this is not personal?

  7. @Un, I folow the back and forth between you and @Liv and quite frankly, I join with Liv and advice you to hold you *$$. Ok. So are you saying that people with degrees must choose to write a particular way on social media? Well pal, I have degrees, whether you believe it or not but I still tell you to hold your *$$. Now you toof, you idiot.
    Now for those of you such as @Another one, @Unand @ Human Rights or Human Wrongs, who are rejoicing at what happened to Dr. St. Rose, and trying to justify it, I hope when something similar happens to you, a family member or friend that you all keep your *$$es shut. Remember the creole says lear bab canmarad ou pwis defay, pwond glo ec wozay sa wou.Proceed idiots.

  8. @Liv who are you calling girl. Do you hear yourself? You are an illiterate, case close. . People with degrees do not write like you. Your filthy words do not mean nothing to me. St Rose lost– toof!. I’m not gonna comment on this anymore and waste any more time on a low life like you.

  9. @ Un, oh yes I am bright. No doubt about it. I will be watching Dr. St. Rose drag your ahses in the courts! I can’t wait! I did not get my degrees lying on my back for sure! Girl check yourself before you continue wrecking yourself. Do not come online and argue with me! You will lose. My intellect is used for whatever purposes I see fit! Here goes; Ha la chou boh kanot lah!

  10. @ just saying I understand clearly. Dr St Rose specifically said she used it on over 300 of her patients. She openly went on and encourage people to use it. So the point you stated there is not the point so you have not understood the point

  11. @ Liv if I am dunce so is the St Lucia medical council for making such a decision and you are the bright one. St Rose should hire you as her lawyer. You just show people the intelligent fool that you are. I heard that there are many in St Lucia since St. Lucia has the second lowest in the world as of 2021 and you are one of them.

  12. Rules and Regulations: I don’t know why I have to renew my Drivers License when I’ve never had an accident; but if I don’t I’M in trouble with the authorities. Call it what you may, but we still enjoy living in a land governed by Law, Rules & Regulations.

  13. @Un; ti way chou la! The woman can prescribe medications according to the patient needs. stupid! she could have given the drugs for inflammation, headaches ect… that occurred in the presence of covid! you are really dunce!

  14. @ Just saying you did not read the formal letter given to Dr. St Rose. If you had you would not make such a statement because you do not even know what you’ re saying. The letter states the reasons for her suspension of her license and not what think is right. They made the decision based on the Medical Practitioners Act (HPA)
    Dr. St Rose conducted an unapproved and unmonitored clinical trial, she supplied and prescribed Ivermectin as a treatment for C19 in the absent of the CMO and Ministry of Health, and publicly encourage the use.

  15. @ Another one. You are the one missing the point. The point is ensuring people have favourable outcomes if they get covid. Ivermectin has proven that. Doctors routinely prescribe medications for other purposes if the drug is an approved one and they believe it will benefit the patient. There is more than enough evidence to prove the drug is effective. The drug is also approved for use. The SLMDA will get their behinds handed to them in court.

  16. Why were you shock Mary. This was inevitable.According to the action taken against Dr. St. Rose,
    1. She approved and conducted a clinical trial that was NOT monitored.
    2. She prescribed Ivermevtin as a treatment for Covid-19 WITHOUT the Ministry of Health and the CMO authorization.
    Based on the above there is evidence to take action against Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose. Dr St Rose might be a nice person and I don’t doubt that, but she went against good ethical judgements here.

  17. This has transcended the bounds of the ridiculous. Did this bunch of frauds have anything to say when a doctor amputated a perfectly healthy limb on a patient and leaving the diseased one untouched?
    If they can show any form of disciplinary action against the culprit, I will withdraw my use of the word fraud and apologize to them.
    There are so many other instances of medical malpractice right here in Saint Lucia but not once have I ever heard a word uttered by this bunch of jokers. Did their bosses in Big Pharma order them to shut down Dr. St. Rose?
    How can they not know that billions of doses of Ivermectin have been prescribed for over 40 years with no recorded adverse reactions? Ivermectin is safer and more effective against covid than the so-called vaccine that you are pushing!!
    Why don’t all of you on this Medical and Dental council go and read about Japan’s experience? In fact, haven’t you?
    I am truly appalled that supposedly educated and hopefully enlightened people can be so woefully insular and backward. Have any of you heard of the internet?
    Dr. St. Rose don’t give up the fight: get the facts on Ivermectin and present it before the public so they will understand the real agenda. Get the details of Japan’s experience after they decided that anyone who wanted to use Ivermectin was free to do so. The authorities there even allowed their citizens to import it from India. Show the results after widespread use of the drug started there.
    Most important, show the public that all these jokers are concerned about is profiting from people’s illnesses and misery.

  18. “I am in full support of Dr. St Rose to go all out to see whether she can get this decision overturned,” Francis stated ”

    i agree take this to court and maybe it will go to mediation and the magistrate will rule in favour of st rose and say she doesnt see no reason why this matter should be in front of her and dismiss the matter

  19. Mary Francis where did you get your law degree ?????? – as a lawyer you should know that they are governing bodies which regulate professions involving licensure to practice, this includes but are not limited to governing body or committee, authorizations, approvals etc. etc. It is not about the drug it’s about the process or modus operandi of personal administration and or distribution to the public at large without the approval of the governing bodies. Unless in St. Lucia anyone can order meds and prescribe them at will without authorization????????

    The statement – “And the outspoken Human Rights campaigner asserted that she has not heard of any deaths linked to using Ivermectin.” — because you have not heard does not mean that it has not happened. Do you visit every single household in St. Lucia? – How would you know with absolute certainty if there was or there was not.

    I am neither for nor against – but what I do know is that we must adhere to rules and regulations which govern our profession, laws of our country as it is certainly not “a one man show” to dispense any drug we see fit be it ivermectin or any other drug for that matter.

  20. Ivermectin is one of the safest medicines around. Safer than even the aspirin we pop regularly. Anyone pushing it as unsafe is either negligently ignorance or willfully deceiving people. The only question surrounding the medicine was its effective of treating covid. Considering these vaccines are also ineffective then let’s apply the rule equally.

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