Mary Francis Urges DPP To Issue Statement On ‘Vieux Fort Five’

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The Coordinator of the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights, Mary Francis, has again called on the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Daarsrean Greene, to issue a statement on the ‘Vieux Fort Five’.

Francis, an Attorney at Law, is representing the family of Allen Louisy, one of the five men fatally shot in a police operation in May 2011.

She said the deceased was not known to have any trouble with the law.

Mary Francis recalled that last year the DPP had declared that there would be no prosecution regarding some of the fatal shootings that occurred during the police anti-crime initiative dubbed Operation Restore Confidence (ORC) during the period 2010-2011.

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But she noted in the case of the Vieux Fort Five, the DPP said he had advised the Police Commissioner that there were further lines of inquiry to be explored, the investigation was active and an update would be forthcoming.

“I am now asking him to live up to his promise. He made that promise last year on the heels of the elections and he indicated that he was going to inform the public,” Francis stated.

“It’s been one year and we have heard absolutely nothing,” the outspoken Human Rights advocate lamented.

Francis described the situation as disgraceful.

She observed that it has been over a decade since the Vieux Fort Five died.

“There must be some proper investigation when the state takes a life. You can’t tell me you killed five men in one night and you have an inquest which said it was unlawful killing and the DPP has done nothing,” Francis asserted.

Francis said delays would make successful prosecution difficult.

She told St Lucia Times that some eyewitnesses and people who had evidence are no longer in Saint Lucia.

Francis urged the DPP to make a statement as he is accountable to this country’s taxpayers.

“The international community is still concerned about a resolution to this matter and I am concerned,” the Attorney at Law declared.


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  1. Good Job Mary. Please ignore all of our homegrown morons in the comment section.
    They want human rights for them & their families, yet they wish to deprime others of the dame. I cannot imagine how they exist in such pitiful ignorance, that they advocate for state sponsored murder of people that they do not even know. What you wish for others . . . .
    I recently released cctv of corrupt St. Lucian police & criminals working together to terrorize & kidnap me.
    Officer Roberts 346 confessed later that day to being part of a death squad.
    Two days after posting the cctv images, I was attacked by the same thugs & others, given dozens of punches, kicks & slaps, then tied up. They took my phone & keys then called the police who arrested me & mever tried to get my property back.
    I am a human rights activist, founder of FREE & a citizen journalist.
    There is a special place in hell for these killer cops & those who support & enable them.
    Martin Parker
    Freedom, Rights Empower Each One

    • Man you are sick!!!!!! Go get help!!!!! Worthless! We all know who the ORC officers were and this Robert guy you are always talking about was no where around during that time. I can’t comprehend why he hasn’t filed a lawsuit against you if he is indeed a police officer. You sick Son Of a Beast.

  2. U read it and u got the message people like you make me stronger thank you for your inspiring words, it’s is to catch people like you, just spelling a word incorrectly would have you blowing your trumpet, just to let you know I don’t read people’s comment and then prosecute them for their contribution it’s just too show you our level of thinking towards each other crab in a barrel,and it made an impact one has come out blowing her trumpet

  3. Honestly Mary has serious issues. We all know why Mary is so much into that than for the mere cash it also doesn’t have anything to do with human rights. If she is so concern about human right why is this particular case the one she is so into. Don’t worry Mary god is coming to you. Do to others what you want done to you. You don’t know a quarter of what transpire but you the one into it. Why don’t you give us the full story so we can understand why you want to defend these 5 so vigorously. The police officers did not have families or so you think. Money is not all Mary. There comes a day and very soon when we all will give an account and so will you. Give those police officers who helped stlucia then a chance to breathe and live. You are a wicked woman and it seems you will sell your soul for money. Let these officers live in peace with whatever time they have left on this wicked world. Go make your peace with god. Peace and love

    • I totally agree with you. I’m not asking for this but i have always been wondering whether Mary Francis would ask for mercy for one of those bruts if they gruesomely attack and violate her or a family member of hers. Would she come out crying ” he has rights” etc etc etc like she always does. Why isn’t she commenting about all the killings in VF and around the island. Mary Francis it is people like you who give a voice to the bad elements in our country and elsewhere… SADLY…

  4. …..and they can drag their feet all they want, that ‘s why the US NEVER COMPLETELY LOOSEN the noose from around our necks, because of no accountability or prosecution make one more act like this ever happen again and you see how quickly that noose get tighten up, now you all know why they cant bring back Operation Restore Uncle Sam watching .

    • You really want to talk about the US, one of the countries with the worst human rights record in the world? Where you get killed by the police Just for the color of your skin? We all know that this is hypocrisy at its best – a case of the HUGE pot calling the kettle black. Long live our police officers. I have never felt afraid for my life when being stopped in a traffic stop or my house being searched. They may be incompetent but we as citizens have never feared them. Can you say the same for the US, where black kids have to be schooled on how to behave in a traffic stop?

      • ….don’t educate me on US Policies…..I am a US Citizen I live there for almost 40yrs before returning home, the fact of the matter they (US) are the ones who carry and wave the BIG STICK and we are a Nation of dependency even more so than of England of which people still want to hold on to, go figure. In the words of The Honorable Louis Farrakhan “who ever feeds you owns you” and like the Big Kid they are on the Economic playground we have to do what they say or else, and we can’t afford or else . Just imagine Al Jazeera once listed The Jamaican Police Force as the most lethal on the planet (google it), Amnesty International Bawl morning noon and night, but the US still never imposed any sanctions on them. Why ? The Jamaican Police Force has an oversight body I forgot the name, but that oversight body has the power to arrest cops for wrong doings bring them to court and if found guilty send them to jail and many cops got locked up, and that’s pleasing to the US, the only time Jamaica got in trouble with the US is when they ask for Dudus Coke and they drag their feet handing him over and that cost them a prime Minister Bruce Golding and their police commissioner and a few other brass to date cant enter the US. This is why The Honorable KDA ask the Jamaicans to come here to investigate to show the US we were doing something about VF 5, hoping that they would lift the Leachy Law based on that, but we still dragging our feet and up to date no one has been arrested or prosecuted so the US still has not 100 percent lift the Leachy Law on St Lucia until some form of accountability is shown, so they can beat on Mary Francis all they want, she is not in charge not even Pierre the US is.

  5. De amount of crime that have committed and has not yet been solved not hearing u saying anything about that wat kind of human rights are you,this young girl that was murderd low morn road didn’t hear u say anything concerning her and not even the woman of this nation made their voice be heard towards this brutal crime I believe their should have a match towards this brutal crime enough commenting for me today my hands are shaking and the killers are still out there when will they strike again

    • …what’s your problem Jackass go read and comprehend and command the English Language Clown ITS WAS THE “DDP” THAT MADE A PROMISE FOOL, AND SHE IS JUST FOLLOWING WITH INQUIRY and rightfully so. This has nothing to do with any other crimes and blah, blah, blah, this, that, that wooooie.

  6. but wasnt it break and entering these guys were going to do at the shops where they killed them? why mary defending criminals

  7. Epic Woman wearing the Decease Chain He Fatally Shot in La.Clery years ago when he came to pick up his workers why Don’t ask her to Return the Decease Chain to his Relatives.The Dpp should not do Nothing about it .The Persons Epic Killed what about their Love ones .You Mary Francis want to get pay that’s why you so much involved

  8. Okay, Mary. First of all, my tax money was well spent. I Consider it a profitable return on my investment, because I enjoyed peace afterwards. Your sheep client was never involved in previous crimes. I wish he had remained so, instead of joining those brutes.
    Get a life, Mary! Stop being a parasite on the taxpayers. I mean a leech. Tell your criminal clients to obey the law and find a job. Maybe good things will come their way. Thankfully, your scummy client was preempted before he caused loss of innocent lives. Sorti la!

  9. What kind of dpp is that for real? That guy is always scared to face the media. Total lack of confidence. Only when Chas marched him to do it just before elections. Arwhar that’s a joke


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