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Mary Francis Urges Tough Sanctions Against Cop In Brutality Video

Human Rights campaigner Mary Francis has described as unbelievable, a viral video recording of police brutality carried out against a suspect in handcuffs.

And she has declared that had it not been for social media, a mere report of what transpired may have been dismissed as an attempt to bash the police.

During the 10 second recording a male officer in camouflage uniform repeatedly strikes the handcuffed man on the head with what appears to be the broad side of a cutlass.

The suspect is shown on his knees.

A total of three armed police officers appear in the brief recording which is reported to have been filmed in Vieux Fort on Wednesday.

Mary Francis, who is the Coordinator of the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights, told St Lucia Times she cannot believe that a police officer would use a cutlass to lash out at a man who has been described by his relatives as being mentally challenged.

She observed that the man had also been restrained.

“This is an abuse of human rights. You are not dealing with an animal. It’s just as if you have an animal tied and being carried to be slaughtered,” the outspoken Attorney at Law told St Lucia Times.

She asserted that the recording deals a further blow to the image of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) in regard to police brutality, violation of human rights and excessive use of force.

Francis was of the opinion that the culture of impunity in the RSLPF is to blame for such acts of lawlessness by officers.

She declared that the culture of impunity has existed from time immemorial.

“There has been impunity. The powers that be have failed to put the necessary structures in place to ensure that there is justice when those things occur,” Francis lamented.

She said that for political reasons, the authorities do not want to attack the police force.

“The executive – the government is relying on the police force for the whole question of the crime; the high level of crime; and the citizens are afraid so that might affect the chances of the party at the next elections. So they are prepared to tread gingerly in terms of condemnation of the police force and ensuring accountability,” Francis told St Lucia Times.

She reiterated calls for an independent body to investigate cases of police brutality with specific time lines for the submission of reports and recommendations.

“It is good that we have social media today so citizens can believe, because sometimes without the evidence – the visual evidence, they would tend not to believe and say they’re just bashing the police,” she stated.

Francis asserted that the police officer who assaulted the man in handcuffs ought to face strong sanctions.

“Who has to be dismissed must be dismissed. Who has to face the law must face the law,” she told St Lucia Times.


  1. Go and pray Mary …Mary quite contrary. Should there be touch santions to vitims families that are murdered by your criminals?

  2. Just like all y’all lawyers does teef people money. Always doing some borball ans teefing their land. And getting murderers and child molesters and rapists off even if y’all know they guilty.

    Is this a fair comment about all lawyers?

      • If he is the one that did it, the he too should thrown in a pool of hungry sharks…..

        But my point is, in case it missed you, “yes there are corrupt, abusive, employees of the RSLPF.)
        But it shouldn’t reflect the entire organization.

        Just like we shouldn’t say all lawyers are thieves
        or all ministers teefing.

        There are miscreants in ALL organizations.

  3. You can call for brimstone and fire on them the fact of the matter is NOTHING WILL BECOME OF THIS IT’S ST LUCIA where the police are not held accountable for “NOTHING”. They could murder your mother in the cricket stadium in full view of a pack stadium and nothing would be done about it. How many cases are pending against the state for similar actions ?? How many resolved ?? How many officers held accountable ?? I rest my case. What if this was not caught on camera ?? and he was killed in cold blood The police would have just given their white wash version of events and all everyone would have said is O well he deserve it

  4. So what if the guy he chopped had lost his arm or he had died what would we have been saying then? These mentally disturbed guys walking in town harassing people and the only time we know about them is when the police burst their tail.

  5. It is time police officiers respect our Séville population …no good example for thé youths…They are thé ones doing most thé crimes …liké they can kill, beat ect …

  6. You’re such an idiot. Look up the meaning of “Human Rights” cause anyone of us our human rights can be violated but i guess you have your head stuck up your *** so you wouldnt understand…until it hits home innocently then you would need tge assistance of Mary Francis…on your human rights being strickenly violated..smh

  7. Soon and very soon a lot of ppl will be crying and left to the mercy of criminals cause the police will play a blind eye to crime and criminals.

  8. so when criminals do stuff it’s ok right ? Look at the dam video where a man got stoned , you stayed silent . so many incidents of abuse within the past few weeks . latest is bus driver have someone in a chock hold . but 2 par kutlar police give a guy you talking . you’re a mess Mary .

  9. Mary can never let the police do their work
    It’s for her to resign and let a younger and more sensible person take over

  10. I just have one question

    Why is it that Mary Francis does not come out and speak on behalf of the victims who lose their life to the criminals. Why Mary why????? Dont they have rights as well. Mary your day will come

  11. Some of your comments are almost laughable, some show a total ignorance of law and order ! Fact 1. Police officers are sworn to serve and protect , they are not judges . Fact 2 police officers are not above the law. Now to the issue at hand
    Some of you are comparing previous instances where police officers in other situations. That’s not relevant. Lastly a suspect restrained handcuffed on the ground, being assaulted by a police officer with a weapon is a crime! Proper procedures are that officer should be suspended, investigated and possibly arrested and charged for assault with a weapon. What if this victim had suffer a wound died ?

  12. Whether he is a criminal or not, police shouldn’t have done that. Ok what if he accidentally chop off the guys head then what

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