Friday, September 30, 2022

Mary Francis Wants An Agency To Monitor Citizen Abuse Under COVID-19 Laws

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Attorney Mary Francis has called for an agency to monitor abuses by law enforcement officers, as they enforce COVID-19 laws.

She told St Lucia Times that Saint Lucia is a democratic society and as a result, it was disturbing that such a monitoring body does not exist.

Francis noted that currently, there’s an atmosphere of COVID-19 and ‘oppressive legislation.’

And  the outspoken human rights advocate observed that the legislation has restricted the freedom of citizens.

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But at the same time, she explained that the purpose of the laws is to protect citizens.

“We all want to be safe. We welcome the police,” Francis stated.

However she said a monitoring body is missing.

Francis said people who feel officers have trampled on their rights should be able to lodge a complaint.

“I know the police have been giving figures about the number of breaches – the amount of convictions,” she noted.

However, Francis questioned whether those people the officers have arrested have access to legal advice and a means of redress.

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