Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Mary Francis Wants Saint Lucia To Remove The Queen As Head Of State

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Human Rights advocate Mary Francis, describing herself as a staunch advocate for reparations from Europe for Slavery and Native Genocide, has also called for Saint Lucia to remove Queen Elizabeth as the country’s Head of State.

“I am a staunch advocate for reparations because it is a question of justice and human rights. In slavery people were dehumanised. They were considered property and exploited economically. It has been labelled a crime against humanity,” the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights coordinator told St Lucia Times.

“Therefore there must be reparations to ensure that  we would be compensated for what our ancestors suffered. The development of the region was affected by slavery and exploitation so we need assistance through reparations to recover and build our economies,” the outspoken Attorney at Law expressed.

But while echoing the calls around the Caribbean for slavery reparations, Francis also expressed that Saint Lucia should ditch the Queen as Head of State, represented locally by the Governor-General.

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“I have been a Republican all my life I don’t believe in this monarchical system,” Francis declared.

Her comments followed a visit last month by Prince William and Kate Middleton to Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

The week-long tour celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

But the visits had their s awkward moments amid protests and calls for reparations.

However, Mary Francis felt the protests and calls were ironic.

“Ironically, we are pressing for reparations one way, but we retain Her Majesty in the form o the Governor-General as our Head of State. Reparations yes, but in the case of Saint Lucia, the broader picture for me is that we have the Queen’s representative in our constitution,” Francis explained.


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  1. @ Peckerhead: you wicked pecker; even if the truth hurts, this is a case that to live with that hurt turns one into a martyr. May God have mercy on us all.

  2. 💯 and make the lizard lady Virginia Poyette the head and face of St. Lucia . She will ugly the other Caribbean leaders to death . A true reflection 😂😂 of the people .

  3. If we remove the Queen on our dollars will the value go down? Will we need a visa to travel to the UK? Inquiry mind want to know!!

  4. @ Anonymous: very good question, though it sounds ridiculous to have a head of State thousands of miles away, very rich, never visit us, just sends her rich kids to say hello sometimes, (I don’t mind Harry, he is a cool kid)
    To a certain extent, it did serve some of us well, I did go to the U.K. on a Lucian Passport which meant at the time, ironically, I past as British, looking back at it now, how laughable, but it is not funny when you think that tens of thousands had to die to afford me that privilege, well thanks very much, that’s why I believe there is a place in Heaven for my ancestors, believe it or not.
    Now, for some of us to have wet dreams expecting to get a single Farthing, Threepence, Sixpence a Shilling or more if the Brothers and Sisters have to share a Euro or more among themselves – Forget it – you all getting nothing, sorry to say not even a Cent; when comes to that filthy Lucre, people kill for that. Sorry but that’s politics and that’s the way it has always been: now as good children, go to a good Church, find the Lord and Pray.

  5. Ok we get rid of the queen, now what???
    I have said it many times before and I will say it again we need to stop blaming others for our shortcomings…

    • …..but keeping the Queen and you get what ?? What is St Lucia getting from the Queen of England in 2022 you have so much to say enlighten us ?? Under Boris Johnson Government we get little aid from England, Taiwan gives more aid to St Lucia than England does in a year. Some are of the notion England will give us security if there was a world war these old Fool can keep on dreaming we will get nothing, except another boat ride back to rebuilt again

  6. Mary, whenever news is slow and you ain’t got nothing to do. You always looking for something to talk about to stay relavant. First off, that idea is not original to you. Everyone knows the queen must go…but you aint got no say. No one ain’t listing to you.

    Mary, I mean how long is it gonna take for you to retire. The government should just pay you to shut up.

  7. I keep hearing that ‘we must be conpensated’ by England but can they tell us how are we going to be compensated. Is every single citizen going to get a portion of money literally or the compensation is only for the big boys and girls and we the small people get exploited and slaved by our own black people this time.

  8. i agree cause not anything england has ever done for us they just used this country for their own personal gain. i have one question though , if the queen is moved as the head of state then does that mean we have to remove her face on our money as well? and what happens to it ? do we still use the EC dollar or we have to have our own currency?

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