Mary Francis Welcomes BCF Review, Wants Report Made Public

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Human rights advocate and Attorney at Law Mary Francis has welcomed plans for a Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) review announced recently by Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte.

“I think it is a good thing,” Francis told St Lucia Times.

But she believes citizens have a right to know the findings.

” I am hoping the report will be made public and people will know the findings and recommendations and ensure recommendations are followed up,” the Coordinator of the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights stated.

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Her comments follow a recent disclosure by the Home Affairs Minister that there would be a BCF review addressing areas including management, operations, and infrastructural and security issues.

“In the coming months, you will see some major changes at Bordelais,” Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte told reporters.

However, Mary Francis said she heard nothing concerning human rights, the rights of prisoners, and inmate nutrition.

The outspoken human rights campaigner recalled having raised issues regarding inmate nutrition and medical care earlier this year in response to complaints she received from prisoners.

“I hope the review looks into those matters,” Francis told St Lucia Times, adding that there must be compliance with proper standards.

“There are human beings incarcerated there because of offences they committed and those who are on remand. But at the same time we must always remember that we have to treat them fairly so that when they leave there they will come out as better persons and not angry because of the treatment they received,” she stated.

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