Mary Isaac Blames SLP Protest March For A 2020 COVID-19 Spike

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Health Minister Mary Isaac says a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) protest march in October, 2020, led to a spike in COVID-19 positive cases.

Isaac made the claim on the Real FM Talk Show, Newsspin on Wednesday.

“The reason why our figures shot up so much, we all know it’s because of that march,” the Minister asserted.

“There is no other excuse for the spike,” Isaac declared.

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She said as a result of the spike, Saint Lucia has to deal with other COVID-19 cases from sources including returning nationals, as well as the ‘backlash’ of the spike.

“So for every person that was infected, you have about eight to twelve persons coming out of that,” she explained.

“That is where the problem arose,” Isaac observed.

And she said it was not that the Ministry of Health did ‘anything wrong.’

But Newsspin Host, Timothy Poleon, challenged the Minister to prove her claim regarding the opposition protest march.

Her response was that in most other countries where there’s such an event, there’s a spike in COVID-19 cases.

“Also, we cannot account for any other event of that magnitude that took place at that time,” Isaac said.

She told Newsspin that the spike occurred immediately after the SLP march.

Poleon quoted officials as saying that the spike would have occurred after the festive season.

However Isaac repeated that there was a spike after the opposition march.

But she acknowledged that after the Christmas season there was another ‘little spike’.

Isaac said that the post Christmas spike was not ‘as big or as bad’.

“The spike from the march was still ongoing, then you got the little Christmas spike,” the Minister said.

Nevertheless, she said the authorities here were expecting that.

In regard to the current COVID-19 situation, Isaac said Saint Lucia has its numbers under control.

“So we are getting back to a good place,” she told Newsspin.

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