Mary Isaac Lauds Parents Who Returned Quarantine Escapee

Health and Wellness Minister Mary Isaac has commended the parents of a young man who brought him back to a quarantine facility after he escaped.

“Let me take this opportunity to commend the parents of the young boy who brought him back,” Isaac stated.

She disclosed that the parents themselves have entered quarantine.

Isaac asserted that it’s a way of protecting the population and loved ones,

“We cannot be taking risks at a time like that,” she explained.

According to Isaac, the authorities are securing medical quarantine facilities because of the possible backlash of irresponsible behaviour.

“That is the problem when people are inconsiderate and selfish, because what these people have done is that they have exposed other people to the virus if they are carriers. We do not know whether they are carriers,” the minister told reporters Tuesday.

She also expressed concern about reports that smugglers are facilitating the illegal entry here by boat of persons from other Islands


    • Worst health minister? I say worst minister. Although she and Hermangild are front runners for the Worst Minister Title. So far they both have emerge in the separate categories: Worst Minister of National Security – Hermangild Francis.; Worst Minister of Health – Mary Isaac.
      The judges are trying to decide which one takes the Worst Minister Ever Title. Its a close race but I vote for Mary Isaac

      • how can he be the worst minister when he is actually doing his job? You see the thing is y’all hate it when people do things to challenge y’all and are strict and no nonsense persons and try to do the right thing when you accustomed of always doing wrong things to you they will always be the worst. The last mayor was the one that was the worst cause you were not hearing anything he does. I was surprised Castries even had a mayor.

  1. Its what we have I would not like to change horses wilst we are crossing the river Lets change some laws before next elections so we can participate in a more active way what I mean is we need to have the power to change those players that cant even run the length of the field We allso make mistakes with some characters that look OK and talk nice and then we see they are useless.

  2. talking bad about the ministers will not save yall politics have nothing to do with yall safety yall get me sick sometimes those who make everything political s*** all world leaders are coming together on this to find solutions while lucians still minding people business and judging ministers that are seriously trying. this is not political covid 19 … its a death sentence to anyone it comes in contact with stop beating yall mouth and support the country as a whole

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