Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Mary Isaac Touts Taiwanese COVID-19 Mask

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Health Minister, Mary Isaac, Wednesday showed off her Taiwanese COVID-19 mask to reporters, urging others to copy its make.

“What I want to show you this morning is my Taiwanese mask,” she said as she held it up.

“The mask that the Taiwanese made for me,” Senator Isaac told reporters.

Isaac showed off the mask as she arrived for a sitting of the Senate.

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She explained that someone can wear the mask on either side.

“The material – it’s an open thing and there’s a filter in between,” Isaac told reporters.

“So the people who are making the cloth masks – this is really what they ought to try to replicate,” she stated.

“So you remove your filter, you throw away your filter, you wash it when you get home and you can wear it again the next day,” the Minister said.

In addition, she disclosed that the material allows the wearer to breathe.

Isaac said the mask consists of two different types of material.

“You guys have to wear the proper mask so that it doesn’t affect your health or your breathing,” the Minister told reporters.

Isaac said a lot of people are asking her for the mask and how to make it.

She asserted that by replaying television footage of what she had demonstrated and explained, interested people can learn.

When one of the reporters indicated that it was time to talk about health care, Isaac responded by saying: “That is health care!”

But the discussion then moved to the issue of COVID-19 vaccines.

“For now, we have not said exactly how we are rolling out the vaccine,” the Minister said.

She explained that it depends on how many vaccine doses Saint Lucia gets and how quickly they get here.

Isaac nevertheless said that the frontline workers will be among the first to have access to the vaccine.

She also said getting the vaccine will be voluntary.

“Nobody can force anyone to take the vaccine,” Isaac told reporters.



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