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Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm
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Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm

Mary Isaac Under Fire Over ‘Assassination’ Claims

Health Minister Mary Isaac is under fire  from Castries South MP, Doctor Ernest Hilaire,  over remarks about the murder of former Civil Servant Victor Maurice.

Isaac recently indicated that Maurice was the victim of an assassination.

“Remember the hue and cry made by Nancy Charles calling on the Police in Saint Lucia and Dominica to question me for saying that the electoral unrest in Dominica had some connections with Saint Lucia? Of course, I was referring to the visits of the Dominican UWP leader to Saint Lucia for political discussions,” Hilaire wrote on his official Facebook page.

Doctor Ernest Hilaire

He said he is patiently waiting for the same Nancy Charles, a public officer who also serves as the UWP Deputy Chairperson, to ask the Police to question Mary Isacc for her comments that Victor Maurice was virtually assassinated, and that it was done by person(s) high up in authority in Saint Lucia.

“Someone please tell me that this is not a damning declaration of the criminality that exists in Saint Lucia,’ Hilaire asserted.

“But then again did Nancy Charles call upon the Police when fired UWP Minister Ubaldus Raymond said in an interview after his firing that there were persons in Government who were involved in criminal activity and will be getting away with it?” The Castries South MP said.

“Seriously, how can a Minister of Government make these comments, is then hugged by the Prime Minister and yet there is no Police or official comments on what exactly happened to Victor Maurice?” Hilaire asked.

Maurice died in Martinique last month where he had been receiving medical treatment after being shot near his home in Saint Lucia in November 2019.

At a recent candlelight vigil here in his memory, Senator Mary Isaac declared that crime is big business in this country driven by people “very far up – up there in the hierarchy” of Saint Lucia.

“These are the people that pay people to kill people,” Isaac declared.

In regard to Victor Maurice’s death, the Senator told her audience that someone was sent to kill him.

“That is the bottom line. And God was watching – that is what they don’t know. And somebody is going to have to speak, because whoever paid this person knows that he paid the person, and the person knows that somebody paid him – so that’s two people,” Isaac explained.

“And you know what they say about a secret? It’s only a secret if you keep it to yourself, so this is no longer a secret. People have to start talking,” the Health Minister stated.



  1. There are more important stuff to talk about ….. See choice of words can be very much concerning . can SLP and UWP just be friends . all my life been hearing about the UWP and slp bickering like 55yrs now . it’s 2020 bro just work in good faith for the nation . st.lucia haven’t made any real progress for past 20 yrs . from education system to wages …slight improvement on inferstructure .

  2. Perhaps Mary Isaac has developed a new skill as a “gardeur” and Ernest Hilaire was not informed. Papers on such skills acquisition should be circulated in the Senate and in Parliament.

  3. Poor Mary. She is fighting to make herself relevant. After a recent series of black eyes, mixed with upcoming elections… the writing is on the wall. Its desperation time. She is under pressure to bowl the perfect bouncer.

    Unfortunately, Mary has gotten herself into a fine old mess. Her claims of assassination is a serious matter. Her statements maybe fine for the yellow shirts and hurtful to the red shirts. However, from a policing standpoint, it deserves further inquiry. She may be able to assist with an open Investigaton. Good luck, Mary. The time is right for the perfect bouncer.

    • Ro Ro alone that is in St Lucia every day is a noise.Clauduis Francis is asking the police to investigate Mary.Did he had asked the police to investigate ErnestHiliaire?A bunch of hyprocits that is in St Lucia.News is distasteful.Poor Lucia God put hands.

  4. You know some people have the information. so who say Mary Isacc wrong? this society is too dirty for sure.but like mary say, God is watching. If this is the truth, then that person will be held to account. he /she can’t and will not prosper and gain from that malice. the executor too will also face his judgement. we men and women of this earth are too stupid. for every action there is a reaction. this is the universal law. you may not see the consequences of your actions right away and may not recognise it when it hit you, but it will come. so each time you take a gun and pretend you bad boy or give orders, if this is true, we do not know, then know that all you giving yourself is negative energy. and it affects not only u, but your children and your kid’s children… This is is no joke ting!!! RESPECT!!!

  5. After watching the disaster in the American Politics and reading the story above, it tells me
    of the depth of evil one can go to achieve worldly recognition. I’m more than happy to have
    stayed the hell out of politics and rather worked hard to achieve the little that I have. People
    will kill for pride, will bribe and accept a bribe and in the end, it’s all vanity, you live and die
    and in the end the loss or gain will haunt you, You’re alone and fearful, Is it heaven or hell?

  6. Mary is talking the truth,this was an execution done by a hit man,paid by some one that was going to be afected by a court case and a investigation of mis apropiation of monies.And the police are dragging their a** in all this afair.And most of us know what we are talking about.

  7. Mary is right it was murder,follow the trail in our courts,and see who benefited from his disapearance.

  8. Why oh why do our politicians on both sides and colours make rash or obviously truefull statement without being held to account in revealing the information they have to the relevant authorities.
    But yet such serious accusations merits impartial investigations failure to do so means we are all accomplice in the act.
    I recall the then Prime minister- Dr Kenny Anthony in 2005 saying had info on Richard Frederick that he is not fit to and elected Rep in the honourable house.
    There are other issues and accusations of corruption held each other when in office.
    Such vocal statements and innuendos against each other and individuals serves no body or the country but continues to fuel the distrust in public officials and the very system and institutions of government.

  9. So now that Maurice is dead,is that the end of the court case,he had? This is what has to bother all of us.I can recall,around five killings of witneses that were suposed to make their court appearance,and never made it to the court In these last ten years.Do we care to investigate ?

  10. These are the subjects that never,come out to the public.Our talk show hosts,all a bunch of morans,hiding and to scared to face the facts,And we are all to blame,because we listen to them,when we should be calling,them by what they are,bunch of a***** ******* suckers.It had to be a Woman Minister to speak the truth good for her.

  11. Mr honest he lie
    Please don’t live up to your name
    Tour statement that u baldus said that there were criminal in government is yet another lie that was never said
    I reviewed that tape with Rick and this was never said
    In the interview the word parliament was mentioned not government
    Please correct your statement

  12. Really mr. Hilaire, you will choose to create a political spin from your own statements and views after a man has been gunned down. How selfish of you, please reflect and consider that this could have been any of us politician a d otherwise.

    Houston we have a problem which needs to be addressed in this country. I we don’t then we all pay, as criminality becomes the norm and not the exception.

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