Masked Bandits Target Two Castries Schools

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On Thursday night, masked bandits targetted the Castries Comprehensive Secondary and the nearby Sir Ira Simmons Secondary schools.

The intruders escaped with computers and other items from one of the educational institutions.

According to multiple sources, around 11:20 pm on Thursday, a skeleton staff at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS) was making last-minute preparations for graduation the next day.

The sources revealed that’s when a ‘petrified’ security guard brought news that two masked men had entered the school compound.

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One of the men had a firearm and ‘cranked it’ one source revealed.

CCTV camera footage revealed that the men entered one of the classrooms.

But it appeared that the bandits left without taking anything of value.

Armed police responded after receiving a distress call, but the intruders had apparently left after about fifteen minutes while CCSS staff were hiding.

That same night, bandits also targetted Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School near the CCSS.

“The same guys ransacked the place, all the offices, the IT lab – they stole so many things there,” an individual familiar with the incident told St Lucia Times.

However, reports indicate that while at least two bandits were involved in the CCSS incident, four of them entered the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School compound.

They broke into four rooms at the learning institution and stole computers, electronic tablets, and other items.

Police are investigating the incident.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. There will always be crime because at this point…the CCTV footage should havd been all over so that the public and students could assist in recognizing those sumbags.

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  4. The educational faculties keep asking for security at schools. What did they give them so far. Now when a report may come out and say that the government regardless of which party is blatantly ignoring the plague that warrant yesterday attention they will then jump on all media platform to say it is false accusations. Could this be orchestrated by the computer supplier so the government must buy from them. Because in my opinion it takes a complete worthless shit heads to go steal from an educational institutions. It could also validate the reason why our IQ rating is so low because of these fleas and thicks that exist amongst us.

  5. When bad behaviour is rewarded by governments….when they show that they support those who threaten, insult, bully, and personally attack others especially women in the name of politics how can crime be abated. Crime pays for some, so others will jump on the bandwagon. This government has failed us.

  6. Perhaps they needed the computers to do research on prospective colleges or universities in the USA where they intend to apply for admission in 2023. Or perhaps they needed to do research on the impact of the Ukranian war on the poorer nations of the world. Then again, they might have just wanted a personal device to watch porn, or to simply earn some dirty money the criminal-minded way! I doubt their actions had anything to do with either of the first two suggestions! What do you think?

  7. Congratulations to all the graduates’ but consider this a sign that there is no future on this Island. Those who can escape should do so this country is going to hell in a hurry.

  8. 18 students from CCSS weren’t allowed to graduate for various reasons. That’s where the investigations should begin.

    • What investigation? Every student who enters a school in St Lucia knows that he or she must conduct themselves with dignity during their stay at the school. Some schools have a criteria embedded in their rules that should be followed for one to graduate from the institution. Too often we want to condone all the ills of society, no wonder we are in such a sorry state today.

      • I think the contributor (Skye) was only trying to say that the students who did not graduate may have a motive to rob the school/s… that is, to get back at the authorities for not allowing them to graduate … And that investigations into the burglars should consider these former students.

  9. These Scumbags!!! when they are not out there shooting each other they are robbing the kids they need to put them to rest for good.


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