Friday, January 24, 2020

Masked Gunman Rob KFC In Castries, One Shot

Saint Lucia police shot one of two  masked bandits who robbed the Micoud Street outlet of KFC about 11:20 pm Saturday night, law enforcement officials say.

Both men were armed with guns at the time of the robbery, the law enforcement officials told St Lucia Times.

According to the officials, the bandits made off with an undisclosed sum of money from the fast food outlet.

Officers from the Special Services Unit (SSU) went in pursuit of the men and confronted a suspect in the CDC area, it was reported.

St Lucia Times was informed that the suspect was shot and the stolen money as well as masks were recovered.

The wounded man was said to have been in stable condition after being admitted to hospital.


    • Most often, the masked gunmen behaviour is having immeasurable negative effects on our society, and we have to do everything that is humanely possible to curb, or if not, completly stop these thugs. But sometimes we need to avoid harsh raw comments “like kill them all/ shoot em all” to help reduce world magnification of us to ensure avoidance of another ‘impacts’

      • This shouldn’t be about a fear of another IMPACS, the talk is downright stupid. How could you just decide to kill people when they commit a crime. Try executing all who commit crime in St. Lucia and see who remains. We do not need a big stick like US or IMPACS to tell us that it is wrong. It is wrong plain and simple; and its maybe because you are a potential criminal if you would engage in a crime but for eyes on you.

  1. The law should do something to set an example for others who are even thinking of doing the same. Like as they have him in the hospital cut off his two hands render him useless or render him thiefless.

    • Really? People are stifling because government is deprive them of food. What about these wealthy people who normal people everyday. Really ? Shoot some one for little money and food. Do you really thing cutting hand is a better decision. What kind of world do you live in?

  2. In as much as I agreed with the police for doing their job I feel that the police department should have rubber bullets to put these bandits down but again they having live round bullets so the police will have to use theirs also thank God he’s alive so that the judge or madjestret will want to find out why they were rubbing.for me personally their wisdom teeth should remove by a bullet. Hi

    • But the innocent worker could be shot by these guys and no one talks about the trauma the workers suffers

      • You could also be shot by the police too. Guns don’t have brains nor eyes. If a worker has been traumatized does that mean that the accused has to die? This statement epitomizes the way how people deal with problems nowadays “if you disrespect I will kill you.” Our own rhetoric drives the violence in this country.

    • Well since he was RUBBING the place Mr.Joe they eh need to ask him anything. But as I guess he was Robbing it then yeas they should have given him 5 rounds of rubber bullets after he was shot 3 times to make sure he felt what it’s like to be a criminal who gets shot by the police. I for one give ZERO ***** about them as long as you don’t want to work and all you want to live is a life of crime then what you get hold. ALL WHO DO WANT TO WORK MUST DIE. THERE AIN’T NOW JAIL FOR YOU TO COME OUT AFTER EATING MY TAX MONEY TO HARM AND KILL ME.

  3. The us state department needs to.know about those police shootings. No work in the frigging country so ……

    • You sound like of these ghetto rats that cheer their criminals friends on when they commit crimes, so you’re trying to justify robbery now? It seems is your thug bf that did that smh…….I’ll pray for you hoodisha.🤦🏾‍♀️

      • Kernisha is just too ignorant, should have been inside KFC when the robbery took place and they should have robbed her to, let me see if she would be singing the same song….ignorant statement to make, smh

      • Yes all the money that the government make in the hotel industry why can’t they give everyone who earns less than 10 hundred dollars a month and extra 15 hundred dollars so they can take care if their families like a welfare program and unemployment people 2 thousand dollars every month to live or if not crime and poverty will never stop just more police killings

    • Yes there is work at Guardsman security company 4:25 an hour working 12 hour shifts

    • I think the US State Department has their hands full of unjust shooting of unarmed black men trying to live life. Are u really justifying robbery??? You are the Classic example of someone skilled in getting under people skin. I bet your family has that issue with you one life to live don’t waste your existence.

  4. In as much as I agreed with the police for doing their job I feel that the police department should have rubber bullets to put these bandits down but again they having live round bullets so the police will have to use theirs also thank God he’s alive so that the judge or madjestret will want to find out why they were rubbing.for me personally their wisdom teeth should remove by a bullet. Hi

    • Your parents should have put on a rubber and in that way we would not be subjected to such idiocy!

  5. Shoulda kill his ass …. Would love to know Mary Francis and Gotham Jean mother , (Alison Jean ) response .

  6. Good job to the SSU. I hope the out him in a dark corner at VH. Just give him just enough attention to save his life but no pain Meds. Let him ponder on his crimes

  7. Kernisha,it occurred to me;that you’re just like the bandit’s,but don’t you worry those who feels it knows it. I’m hoping that when you are cornered by those same bandit’s,you don’t go to the police for assistance. I,urge you to go to the American’s for support, it’s only a fool and unwise individual like you that will call for that matter to be reported to the Americans,when our citizenry life is being made miserable by those hooligans.Shame on you.

    • @Kernisha, if you don’t have anything positive to contribute I urge you to shut your ***, somebody can’t be so ****** stupid😡, like really? So there’s are no jobs in the country so the best thing for these bandits to do is to steal? These parasites make me sick and you are making statements and justifying their actions! 🤦🏾‍♀️ It should be you they rob next and I want to know what statement you will then make….Yall just making statements and not thinking about what yall saying, you’re an ass Kernisa

  8. Very well officers. Damm thieves get me sick. Magistrates atleast 7 years in prison for him. They have to learn.

  9. I wonder what will The Criminal Advocate Representative in St
    Lucia will say about that Excellent Job the police did .One of these days they will be in the Middle of a Robbery in progress .These Criminal Advocate in St.Lucia

  10. What do you want them to do to survive as there are no jobs in the country the only job you can get is a security job at Guardsman but you can only earn 4;25 cents an hour and you have to work 12 hour shifts what future can that give a man and his family the system and the politicians have failed the people what we need is a minimum wage rate to make these low paying jobs a bit more attractive

  11. @Kernisha.. there is work they choosing what to do…..quick money.. it should be your relative on the KFC shift they you would shut your dam A? .. Idiot…

  12. The only job that you can get is at Guardsman Security at 4;25 cents an hour working 12 hour shifts

  13. I was one of the officers (ssu) on the scene but it wasn’t me that shot him if it was me I would arm for the bastard head

    • Yes my bro i know he would of been dead,those darm thieves,pass your tale and work,

  14. If they rob a bank or some big businessman or rich people who exploit the workforce I do not have a problem with that as they the capitalist who is responsible for the poverty and crime KFC needs to pay the workers 12:50 an hour so that they can live comfortable one things was so rough in me that I stole a roll of toilet paper to take home from the washroom where I work so the are situations where you have to steal just to survive


  16. Some niggers will do anything for a piece of fried chicken. Best you be dead. If the bullets don’t kill you the fry grease will.

  17. It’s high time that police start getting rid of all those worthless-crimals who loiter all day not teying to earn an honest living!

    To those who support the thieves you are as bad or worst than them.

    People leave their homes everyday to work & hoping to get back home safely to their family and those dirty thieves always looking for their next victim being it they survive or killed after they rob them. The policemen should have killed all of them. Volaire

  18. KERNISHA AND ONE MEAL so somebody that tell ya’ll to **** around while ya’ll got a chance to go to school like everybody else and leave school to regret it only to come on the streets and do crime. I eh feeling sorry for no criminal you doh want to work then get ready to be buried. WORK HARD AND DON’T BE A CRIMINAL CAUSE GUNSHOTS ARE WAITING FOR YA’LL. GENG GENG in the words of all you’ll young fools. Get ready for the hurt.

  19. I just don’t want to hear that he’s out on bail (unless that’s a tactic used to get his partner), if not release 1 inmate who’s there for marijuana possession and put this piece of **** in. (charges should read, illegal possession of firearm, intent to wound, illegal possession of ammunition, endangering the lives of others, damage to property disruption of services and loss of sales.) obviously he won’t have money to pay so give him maximum time or a plead deal, turn him into an informant (a rat, a snitch) he from the ghetto he must have info about someone.

  20. You people crack me up. Every time the police does/doesn’t do something some “expert” pops up preaching about the wrongs of it. And in most cases the criticism has nothing constructive in it, just hate and negativity. I hope you get paid for it because your efforts are undeniable.

  21. Shut your Arse KERNISHA . ppl like you and Mary Francis that falsely told the US about police shootings and now have our police force suspended from all training . how can you defend a thief ? Freaking dumb like a fish . how about if KFC decide to close it’s doors . those senseless crimes keeping away investors .

  22. To be poor is a crime .
    Poverty is a crime.
    Thou shall not steal.
    Thou shall not kill.
    Politics and Religion is responsible for war , crime and violence.
    People perish for lack of knowledge.
    The reason why things are getting worse because the younger generation is curse.

  23. I pity humans- after all this drama, this rat will still be defended in court which will be paid for the most part by tax payers’ dollars. My solution is simple ( lets not argue): any attorney who tries to get this rat freed on technicalities should be debarred- the evidence is clear (both hard and digital). Lock this one away for good!

      • I think you are missing the point! What Infortun…is trying to get at ( probably not clearly phrased) is that our justice system is weak/ corrupt and messy. Police can do the most fantastic of jobs but once the system takes its course, all that hard work is just lost!!

  24. It is very unfortunate that people in 2018 would still be talking about killing suspects and not affording trials to them. Crime is wrong but that does not allow for the State and all others to become criminals themselves. If the State and the ordinary folk becomes criminals then who would be on the side of right? Wouldn’t it just be an all out war where ending the life of anybody would be fair game? We just speak and act without thinking and probably that’s what potential criminals do.

  25. Just be happy they got the suspects don’t ask for the police to be judge , jury and executioner.

  26. There should be a public flogging for all those arrested for committing a crime with a gun as part of the charges. The state provides the whip and the victims do the flogging. This should be held at one of the stadiums twice a month.

  27. It is very unfortunate that so many of our young men are on such a destructive path, (both to themselves and others). Do we ever wonder what kind of childhood these individuals had? …. How responsible their parents are/were? …. Were they brought up in a home? (notice I said “home” not “house”) … Did they ever stand a chance in life? ….. At what point will our policy makers intervene? ….. just wondering

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