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MASL concerned about vehicular accidents

Press Release:-The Media Association of Saint Lucia (MASL) remains concerned that vehicular accidents continue to take a toll on the citizenry, often resulting in injury – and worse — loss of life.

For the year thus far, seven people have lost their lives via vehicular accidents, including two teenage girls – aged 18 and 19 – who were involved in a serious accident last Saturday along the Castries-Gros Islet Highway.

As an Association, we believe that the matter of road safety should be made a priority at all times given the devastating outcomes that can result in its absence. We, therefore, urge all motorists to make it a rule of ensuring that they follow safety procedures when using the roads.

The Association’s concern also stems from the fact that many of our members are also motorists and must use the roads. Moreover, our members are often faced with the task of reporting these tragic incidents. Inasmuch as our duty is to report, we believe that tragedies should always be avoided.

In light of the recent vehicular accidents that have resulted in loss of life and injury, we extend our condolences and wishes for a speedy recovery to all affected.

However, we stress the need that no stone should be left unturned to ensure that greater emphasis is placed on road safety.

MASL also expresses sincere condolences to Donovan Williams, Permanent Secretary in the Department of Youth & Sports and his wife Jacky- the former having enjoyed a close relationship with the media for a number of years.

The Association also mourns with Trevor “Jah-T” Anthony, a long-time member of the local production and entertainment industry.

In addition, MASL is deeply concerned with what appears to be the proliferation of graphic images from accident and other gruesome scenes circulating via social media and instant messaging platforms.

As an association, we would like to appeal to the public to desist from this insensitive and abhorrent practice, which in many cases adds the proverbial salt to the wounds of the bereaved.


  1. Am a st Lucian living in Canada that has a population of approximately 37 million and have not have 7 death in motor vehicle accident St Lucian need to be educated and be respected of other human on the road the country can make a lot of money from traffic tickets and uae that money to help and educate driving program I was in St lucia for a week and could not believe the way people drive I am going to contact the TV program called don’t drive here…. Education and have speeding ticket

  2. Where are the lap tops that was donated to the police… to check if your license and insurance is valid…police needs to get their act right..we are in 2017 not 1949..

  3. The entire road structure is poor. We continue to pay tens of thousands to clear vehicles on the wharf, continue to pay thousands in vehicle licenses and driver’s licenses yet the roads continue to be in a deplorable condition. Construction companies fill their trucks to the brim which falls onto the road and no one is held accountable. We continue to pay an arm and a leg for vehicle parts from these car companies and the gov’t increases the tax to import vehicle parts to make these greedy companies happy. SMH !.. (Word deleted)

  4. The issue is not fast driving.. its reckless driving .. unnecessary risk taking… inexperienced drivers … a poor defensive driving education system … and the ignorance of road users as it pertains to roundabouts, cornering and general signaling.. I am on the road every day and yes I do drive fast sometimes in fact I enjoy cornering learning the true potential of my vehicle and in my years of driving I have only had one accident that was at very low speed in traffic on a wet and very slippery road myself and the other vehicle involved were both able to drive away so nothing major.. and I avoid many accidents some I see coming a mile away because of how someone else is driving other sudden because someone does something totally incorrect like exiting a roundabout in the wrong lane … anyway my point is people need to learn their vehicles understand how they respond. Understand the road learn to read it so to speak .. and be more alert… educate themselves in these aspects… think of places in the world were roads have no speed limit you can drive as fast as the car will allow you… once you stay alert you are fine until someone does something stupid… suspension and tires should always be kept in check as well as braking system being that these are the most engaged parts when driving.. if you also stay in tune with them you will drive according to what they can handle… you only end up in trouble when you push these key pats past what they a at present able to handle… and I say their condition at the time because parts wear out.. anyway people please be safe on the road..

  5. I was home in March/April 2017 and for two weeks I had heart palpitations when I got on the buses and into a car, It is total and absolute madness the way some and all people drive in St. Lucia. I kept asking don’t these people have a loan to pay or family to think about, and the answer always came back how they driving for years and nothing never happen or the asinine statement that you can’t live forever. So with that kind of mind set nothing will ever change.

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