Massive Cancer Prevention Initiative For Saint Lucia Schools

The Ministry of Health plans to launch a major cancer prevention initiative later this month among Grade Six Students.

The initiative is being preceded by an education campaign.

The plan is to introduce the students throughout the Island to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine that protects against cervical cancer and other conditions caused by the virus.

The Ministry of Health has said that the Ministry of Education has already been engaged in the process along with school principals.

The human papilloma virus infects the epidermal cells of cutaneous and mucosal skin and is primarily transmitted through sex and skin to skin contact, according to medical officials.

It is said to be one of the primary causes of cervical cancer.

Assistant Principal Nursing Officer, Tecla Jn Baptiste, told St Lucia Times that the aim is to begin administering the HPV vaccine  to students of Grade Six between the end of January to early February.

“The vaccine is being introduced as a cancer prevention strategy and all of that is based on our burden of disease because we have seen an increase in the numbers of cervical cancer,” Jn Baptiste explained.

She disclosed that cervical cancer is the second leading cause of mortality among women here.

The Assistant Principal Nursing Officer noted that younger women are now being affected by the disease.

She told St Lucia Times that both boys and girls in Grade Six will be vaccinated.

“It’s not only against cervical cancer but any HPV related conditions like warts, which are also caused by the HPV virus,” the senior nurse explained.

She said two doses of the vaccine are given over a six-month period.

Jn Baptiste said the vaccine provides a lifetime coverage.



  1. Again, we black people are to be used as guinea pigs for white people. And we really should say no. Tell me, what is the rate for cancer of the privates in women in St. Lucia? Very damn few! At my older age, I know of only one such case when I was very young. The lady was known as an exceptional case that went around and around if I may say so. so that explains it. Please refrain from doing this to your young girls. where is the ministry of health on this? These people should be told in no uncertain times that we are not interested in trial vaccines for problems that most people in the Caribbean DO NOT SUFFER FROM. Are we becoming a testing ground like Africa where the natives have no clue and have been on trial after trials for white medicine that white people dont even yet fully understand themselves? or use most of them? Oh my people! you all are jumping around like sardines in the oceans when these people come to the island with nonsense. stop and think. and parents, dont allow your girls to take this sheet.

    • I do not have my facts about this vaccine so I am in no position to dispel your claim. However, you stated that we are being used as guinea pigs by the white. I wonder what would have been said if there is success with this medication and it was never given to the blacks or the people of the Caribbean. I remember so much was said about the ebola medication.

      • well if you dont have facts about it shut up. we are not dying of cervical cancer in the caribbean for your information. and the vaccine is certainly NOT A MUST in any other country. stop using us as guinea pigs. i am actually disappointed in Gail Rigobert as Minister of Education, she should have known better. Furthermore, i notice they want to hurry the implementation of the programme as we say- they want to do it “fast, fast, fast.” i know exactly what i am talking about. and google is there, educate yourself as the Lucians should have, but did not.

  2. Saint Lucian Government is really testing us parents. I for one will not allow my kids to accept this vaccine. Whether yall make it mandatory or not. I will remove my kids from school and take this matter to court or international media if I have to before yall infest my kids with yall test vaccines. Go test that s*** on trump kids. Stupid government decisions to allow this nonsense in our country. Who yall fooling. Medication and medical procedures that actually work, we poor people cannot afford. All of a sudden we getting free s***. Come and tell me my daughter cannot write exams because she didn’t get all her mother shots. Let’s see how this will all play out. St. Lucia too small for government bull****.

    • Imagine if you were educated enough to understand that even “scientific” studies have politics behind them.
      It simply means you pay a group of guys to research and whatever conclusion you want is what they should come up with. If they discover anything else its either not mentioned or made to seem that its not so bad. Why do you think companies have to pay millions later in damages if they are caught at all. Others are right, this vaccine is not necessary. Very likely they want to know its true effects in the long term, so provide it to the gullible third world en-masse.

  3. My child is in grade 6 in a school in castries …I am a member of the UN peace keeping forces special unit , and I know first hand what is happening . Ministry of health and ministry of education wake up please ….don’t be fooled …DEPOPULATION has begun public be aware.

  4. Interfere with them just at puberty at the time they’re going to common Entrance??? Not enough studies… too many side effects. NOT MY DAUGHTERS!

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