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Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am

Massy Says Sufficient Food Supplies Available, Customers Advised To Wear Masks

Massy Stores Supermarket has given the assurance that sufficient food supplies are available amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The supermarket chain has also advised customers to wear masks before entering outlets to shop.

“I really want to give as great a level of assurance as I can that we do have sufficient supplies of food,” Managing Director, Martin Dorville said Monday.

“When I say we I am speaking about Massy Stores, I am speaking about the collaborative effort of all of our distributors on the Island. One way or another, we have supplies,” Dorville explained.

“It may not be the supplies that you have always been accustomed to, it may not be your preference – because within all of this there is some level of discomfort that we all have to face,” the Massy Stores Managing Director stated.

He said there is food available within the supply chain plus other essential products for our survival and ‘near comfort living’.

Dorville disclosed that one of the main things the supermarket chain was doing Monday was preparing.

He explained that the chain needs time to prepare.

“We have only one day, so you can imagine us trying put all those things in place while adhering the protocols related to social distancing,” Dorville stated.

He revealed that as a result, staff have been reporting in manageable groups to clean, sanitise the stores, clear the shelves of dated products and replace them with fresh stock.

Dorville said there were many things happening at the same time at the supermarket chain.

“I can say that our distributors have been excellent. I have never seen such a massive collaborative effort among persons who have been competitors,” he observed.

Dorville expressed the view that Massy Stores Supermarket chain has been well ahead of the game in terms of the COVID-19 protocols not through any mandate or coercion.

“In fact if you look at some of the trends in the international stores, we have been well ahead of even the international players,” he stated.

He however noted that there was one  particular exception – the wearing of masks.

“This is critical so that you can protect yourself from me and I can protect myself from you and so with the help of the public, we would like to enforce this,” he announced.

“We would like to ensure that if you want entry to the supermarket, that you wear a mask – it could be a bandana, it could be something self made, but what it does is it prevents a distribution of a heavy viral load through droplets and so forth,” Dorville explained.

He said the police will be there, not in a punitive role, but to assist.

Dorville also disclosed that the supermarket would like customers to sanitise before entering.

“We are either going to have the sanitising equipment there or you are going to be given a drop of sanitiser. The trolleys will be sanitised,” he explained.




  1. Lets hope that it keeps this way,for the next three months at least.If all factories are closed who canning food

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