Massy Stores Issues Statement On Food Prices

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In June of 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Massy Stores (SLU) informed the public of the myriad of challenges which the unusually high demand for various products was having on the global food supply chain.

Massy Stores’ core business is supermarket retail and much of what the company sells is imported. As such the company noted the impact of this global demand on food prices, which were already increasing at that time.

The company used the opportunity to advise the public that there could be more price increases in the future, given the extent of the supply chain challenges and the elevated demand for goods.

Some of the main pain points from the start of the pandemic worsened in 2021, and with them came more price increases from suppliers, some almost weekly.

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These continued price increases are a direct result of many factors affecting the ability of manufacturers to produce goods and services and to meet the rate at which these are being demanded.

Some of these factors include insufficient raw materials, high cost of raw materials and labour shortages. This was further compounded by increases in shipping, freight and other costs associated with getting products to their respective destination and constant delays with transit of products due to port backups.

This situation is not a Massy Stores or St. Lucia specific issue, as supermarket retailers across the globe and businesses in other sectors are facing the same supply and price challenges.

Martin Dorville, Managing Director of Massy Stores explains that retailers are at the end of the supply chain and, in large measure, price takers. Therefore, the situation which has unfolded over the last two years has brought with it very little room to negotiate and little to no control over the rate at which supplier prices are going up.

“No geographic space has been spared the challenges of COVID-19.While we have been very prudent (since May 2020) in absorbing much of the supplier price increases in part and in some cases totally, the situation spiralled in 2021 and beyond, to the extent where it is no longer possible to do so, without seriously affecting the viability of the business” says Mr. Dorville.

With the war in Ukraine, the situation has worsened. Russia and Ukraine are among the world’s main breadbaskets, accounting for a huge share of the world’s exports in several major commodities, including wheat, vegetable oil and corn.

The prices of these commodities, which are base ingredients in many products, reached their highest levels ever, in March this year.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said “its Food Price Index, which tracks monthly changes in international prices for a basket of commodities, averaged 159.3 points last month, up 12.6 percent from February”.

This is predicted to have primary and second order impact on the price and availability of key consumer staples and food production products. The rise in oil prices which the war has provoked is also increasing transport and production costs, while the conflict has already begun to disrupt shipping world-wide.

Amid these constantly evolving challenges, which are greatly impacting overall business costs and prices of products across a range of categories, especially food, Massy Stores SLU continues to work diligently to find solutions and ways of bringing food to the St. Lucia market at affordable prices.

Mr. Dorville says, “We are focused on working closely with our suppliers, both local and international, to ensure we can maximize order fulfilment, while looking for more deals and opportunities, where possible, to help alleviate the pressure on customers during this difficult time. We also continue to search for value brands that will give our customers lower cost options. Importantly, our relationships with farmers and local manufacturers who supply our stores have also been enhanced. We remain grateful that our customers continue to make us their supermarket of choice. We are resolved to maintaining an adequate supply of good quality, wholesome food products for the nation and providing them at fair market prices to customers.”

Massy Stores SLU remains committed to observing and ensuring the highest ethical standards in all business activities and adhering to all government regulations that govern business operations in St. Lucia.

As the country goes through this very challenging time in its history, an area of priority for Massy Stores SLU is continued investments in programmes that benefit the agricultural sector (especially farmers) that promote food security and environmental sustainability.

“We continue to care about what happens to this nation during this crisis and we are in for the long haul.”

Source: Massy Stores (SLU).  Headline photo: Martin Dorville

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  1. And it will continue :
    But listen !
    There is no one to defend the cause of the poor and needy !
    So it start right from the goverment and the hired waste men.
    It started when,and which goverment executed the labour code which brings strife and discorde.
    There was no one to defend the cause of the hotel workers and …… that were dismissed whithout cause-
    And, who defended the employees in green coral in centre ville !
    Which the indian employer was’nt paying for holidays and over time !

    Again who can defend the cause of the poor,to see that farmers ridiculing people,selling their crops and vegetables X3 times the price.
    Not last to be continued ,the coconut bay employees which were treated badly,instead the hired waste men labour dept- defend their cause,they defend their pockets, selling the rights of the employees,may be for the price of a short of white rum.

    And who will defend the cause of the hardworking employees which deserve a hike wage, which,,yet, there are many oppossers and against, where as,it is for the benifits of all……to be cont…..

  2. Sadly I live in the US and the prices of every thing has skyrocketed. A can of corn cheapest brand was 58 cents now 1.00. Just imagine dollar tree is now one twenty five tree so I don’t think st lucia and massy are the only places feeling the pinch

    • Lena, you live in the US. So you have no clue. As others who know what they talking about has said, Massy has bled Lucians dry long before Covid or Russia War. I know because 5 years ago after being overseas, I walked into those supermarkets and could not believe what this supermarket chain was doing to St Lucians. One coffee that cost about 1:00, cost about 20.00 dollars at massey store. You dont even have to be in the US or UK to know this, just go on amazon US UK ect.. and compare Massy wickedness. Let it raise prices here again, we kicking both Massy and the government out! In fact, it should be reducing its prices as we speak because of the wickedness that the useless governments here has allowed massy to get away with for a decade.

  3. All products made in Trinidad the prices are sky high. Why? When Trinidad dollar has no value against the EC$. Coconut oil, has been increasing regularly. And too many stores all over the island. For a supermarket which hold a monopoly here their prices on commodities are extremely high. Plus there isn’t much a variety of products to choose from.

    • Now y’all get it. Get those trickidadians out of the country. Lucelec is 20% owned by them as well. figure it out. St. Lucia is a cash cow for them. Get them out.

  4. This is a Trinidadian company run by Coolies. Well we had enough of you all tricks. The double taxes they charge must be investigated. Have Massy pack its bags and get out of this country pronto! In fact by now, I hope the Ministry of Commerce is in a meeting, examining Massy practices very carefully over a period of years. And provide them with their marching orders! You all thought Lucians were going to be part of “silly season” forever. You dont come and mess with us! You people should be out of business by end of year and even now, we should be getting other supermarkets to invest here!

  5. The owners of Massy should be wearing face masks… just like bank robbers wear. What crooks! Unfortunately, we did it to ourselves by allowing them to be a monopoly on the island. Somebody with a modicum of brains should have stopped them. For the life of me, I just can’t get grasp their astronomical prices.
    I think there will be government intervention someday.

  6. They sell 35% more expensive, the same products from the same distributors from the USA, I came from Cayman islands last month, one of the most expensive places on earth and the same products cheaper, stop the lying, just be honest and admit you wish to keep making your % of profits

  7. YAHWEH :
    “I AM WHO I Am”.
    God’s miracles are wonderful signs of his power to make things right.
    For now, God is patiently holding back his wrath, for people to repent.
    Now,let us trust his mercy and his unfailing love which he has for mankind.
    He warns us by sending his Glorieuse Prince so that we may not suffer when tribulation,farmine,perilous time……
    He warns that before the end of times that there will be, but did not say may be. So let us be on guard,he is not a man to lie,so his words (prophecy),must accomplish be we see him coming down in his glory.

    NOAH :
    A righteous man who believed in God,obeyed,when God told to build a huge boat (the ark) because the flood was coming !!

  8. if they already have such high prices on things like toothpaste , peas ect.. then why do they have us pay additional tax at the till? it is on your receipts. check it. these people are ripping off lucians and there is no one to say anything on this. why has every government both UWP and SLP been silent on Massy bad practices for years now? these things should be illegal. they cant charge tax twice on a product.

  9. You can go chuck off a cliff with the load of bull shit you just fed the public. Like stated earlier, prices have been going up long before covid and Ukraine/Russia war, so stop using it as an excuse. To make matters worse, they want us to support local but even they want to pluck out our eyes with the prices they want to sell their produce. Thats why most spend the entire day by the market not selling a thing. Back to Massy, you’ll need some serious competition. CPJ, Peter&Company you guys need to step up your game. Open larger chains. Tired of Massy monopoly.

  10. Massy is thiefing company. There is need for another set of supwrmarkets in st. Lucia. Let me urge all St. Lucians to stay away from Massy. I for one don’t buy from them. The workers are complaining of poor salary because of you , Dorville.

  11. Massy get dafuc out of st lucia thieves!!!! Liars!!! Dorville go to hell stop selling expired and trash food for people at high prices. Some products on both UK and US markets do not even cost so much…. Eg. Pampa products are as cheap as rass in the US and you come sells eggs noodles at this price? F*** off as the smaller stores still sell good stuff at great prices. Trini Company come squeeze lucians with their shitty currency

  12. toothpaste 13 and up….soap powder 10 dollars and up…tell them that old plastic bottle malt they selling now is a waste of my ovaries…

  13. I have grown pigeon peas, and someone stole the plantain off my tree. The only thing I can afford at the supermarket is tenderoni, green fig and ground chicken, I eh even know if that is chicken and sometimes liver. I about to become vegetarian . Fishermen sell Balawoo cheap although they themselves

  14. Massy you people are lying. Big time. The prices have been out of control way before Covid and there was no ukraine war. plus you all stealing people money by having no clear way in calculating VAT. I dont know why you people are the only supermarkets in st lucia. this should have never been tolerated in this country. we went through enough hell for decades under Courts, Cable and Wireless ect.. with no competition. Now we back under that same hell. one piece of beef will cost you 20.00. cofeee, almost 30. honey 70. chicken for one person 4 pieces will cost you close to 15. tomatoes grown in st lucia; 14:00. lettuce from st lucia 7:00. two green peppers, 7:00. peas; 10.00. cocoa stick from st lucia; almost 10.00. you people deserve what you all will get at the end for cheating and bleeding people dry. you have done all this harm way before covid or ukraine. dont blame them now.

    • @saysay. So true always when a product a week or two away from expiry they want to put it on special for people like the pkt of Milo that expires this month end. On another occasion, picked up a pkt of oats and saw weavels in it even Thier Weetabix sometimes have tiny worms in them. Massy stop selling inferior foods at exorbitant prices for people. You’ll don’t give a damn about how it affects people. All you’ll care about is the profits made from selling inferior products.

  15. Funny how shop local hasn’t worked. That’s exploded in cost too. Usual gouging of a situation by local producers. Can’t even eat the roads because they’re damn near non existent.

  16. Mr Dorville we understand that covid has had an impact on the cost of imported goods as well as the Russia -Ukrain war, but businesses are using the war to jack up prices. The commodities that customers are frequently purchasing are increasing every week especially at Massy. I was purchasing a few items including a new cooking oil Massy introduced a few months ago and the store increased the price whereas the others stayed the same. Once a reasonable product is selling y’all do increase the price.

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