Massy Stores Issues Statement On Voice Note Regarding Food Disposal At Landfill

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We are aware of a voice note in circulation regarding food sent for landfill disposal by our
company, Massy Stores (SLU).

The voice note suggests that meat, beef, milk, chicken, cheese sent for dumping was supposedly raided from the landfill, reentered the market and is being sold.

We wish to indicate that based on our logs of the most recent items sent to the Deglos
Landfill on September 1st, 2022, the items submitted for destruction and disposal were poor quality, compromised perishable items, mainly fruit and vegetables and cheese.

This has been confirmed by the Solid Waste Management Authority, who manages the site and facilitates the disposal of products received.

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Food waste prevention at source is a key priority for Massy Stores SLU. Through various
operational strategies (purchasing, inventory tracking) and other means, every effort is made to reduce food waste within our operations.

Further we have in place a food redistribution programme where surplus and food with good “use by dates” are donated to a range of food related charitable and other organizations, while it is still safe for consumption.

While we are committed to strengthening our processes where food waste is concerned, we
wish to reiterate that the items sent to the landfill for disposal were not fit for human

As such the decision to dispose of the products was in keeping with proper health, safety and sanitation practice, given the potential health risks.

We will continue to work closely with our waste disposal service providers and the St. Lucia
Solid Waste Management Authority to improve our processes as it relates to the safe and
timely disposal of all products (food inclusive) sent by Massy Stores SLU to the landfill for

SOURCE: Massy Stores (SLU). Headline photo: Stock image

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  1. Disposal of food waste in landfills is a aerobic method of food waste leading to emission of harmful greenhouse gases is prohibited in india then why it’s allowed in advanced countries like USA. It is shameful that advance countries are contributing Environment pollution leading to climate change making this earth unsafe. — vijaykumar yadav- Environment Activist jaipur India.

  2. massy what you guys are saying there makes no sense, what you should be saying is either yes or no about the rumors, all you are saying is yes you sent certain goods to be disposed of but you are not saying yes or no if the disposal site was indeed raided and certain things are being sold back in little shops over Castries

    • That is normally done … if you do shop at Massy’s, there is usually a “yellow tag” with the reduced price shown. Open your eyes, and your brain!

  3. I am shaking my head because Massy should not have been the entity to issue the statement.

    Massy followed the health and safety guidelines, and disposed of the perishable food items based on these guidelines (this happens the world over to keep the public safe). Eyes and blame should instead be placed on the management of the Deglos landfill (not sure if it falls directly under the SLSWMA) since there was a lapse in the proper disposal and securing of the waste.

    Secondly, since it is now rumoured that the items are being sold in the market, both the CCC and the Ministry of Health should have already made their investigations, and taken the necessary actions to immediately (with the aid of the City Police/ Police) to halt the sale of these items. The St. Lucian public should expect word on the closure of this little fiasco on this evening’s news, and then by Friday we would have all moved on.

    The entities on the island waste too much time on solving simple matters.

    Btw, rumours or “little birdies” are always needed here since they provide the authorities with the happenings of crimes and clues to solve the crimes. The onus is then on the authorities to act swiftly and appropriately.

  4. boy you cant never get correct news from lucians especially whet its through social media massy said they destroyed mainly fruit and vegetables and cheese. but this person go and put what they want smh. look they have this fake Heineken cooler giveaway spreading. people just quick to say and post shit just so they can be the first to share something and most of the times its fake or half true.

  5. What is the purpose of this press release? The information out there was about other people retrieving the discarded items from the landfill and then selling them to unsuspecting persons. Massy is reconfirming what everyone had already concluded that expired goods were thrown away. There was nothing to defend.


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