Mayor Admits He Ignored Advice In Hiring ‘Zeus’

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has admitted that he ignored advice in hiring an employee of the City Police.

“I must say for the record that when we were looking at the appointment of Mr. (Leo) Henry, you know I did seek certain advice,” Francis disclosed.

He said he consulted his brother, Saint Lucia’s National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, who gave an opinion.

But the Mayor told reporters that he did not ‘adhere’ to his brother’s advice.

The Mayor said the reason for disregarding the Minister’s advice, was because of things he wanted  Henry to come in to do.

He explained that he had also disregarded advice given to him by others.

Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry, has refused the administer the oath of office to Leo Henry, who is also known as ‘Zeus’.

The Mayor said he and Moncherry had a private discussion.

“He did not give me reasons, which he is not mandated to do – which I accept,” Francis stated.

He explained that his office is in receipt of ‘certain reports’ which are ‘not encouraging’.

But while not going into detail, the Mayor sought to assure the public that the reports are being worked on ‘quickly’ to rectify the situation.

“Right now people are saying that the image of the police is being affected,” Francis stated.

“I am not saying Mr. Henry was a mistake on our part. We did get certain reports but at the same time, everything has to be given a fair chance,” he explained.

“I could assure you that we are working on it. I have reason to work on it and the public will know soon how we are going to rectify the situation,” the Mayor said.






  1. That mayor is a real [email protected]$$! Why was it so necessary for Zeus to be employed by the mayor? Am I supposed to think that this is payment for something? What is it? We all know Zeus is no good!

  2. What is meant by >>”The Mayor said the reason for disregarding the Minister’s advice, was because of things he wanted Henry to come in to do.”

    Puzzling. Mr. Mayor, please clarify.

  3. A lame, pathetic and stupid excuse Mr. Mayor. Most St. Lucians recognize the fact that this Mayor is doing quite a good job. However I believe the praise and recognition is beginning to get to his head and he is quickly becoming overly swell – headed. Why reject advice from persons who are in a position to advice you accordingly. I hope this “ZEUS” is not on the payroll of the poor taxpayers of St. Lucia.

  4. Maybe the Mayor was fascinated by the name Zeus. According to Google Zeus was the Supreme God of the Olympians, but I applaud the Mayor for admitting that he was wrong. True confession is good for the soul.

  5. Zeus is not a police again. So how is the nonsense he doing reflecting badly on the police. It affects CCC. The man has not been a police for years. Chhoooops. Your jead to hard learn to listen.

  6. Is it fair for the Mayor to make comments like this to the press about an individual who is STILL in his employ, knowing full well the individual CANNOT defend himself?

  7. Can the major tell us, about the things he wanted Henry to come and do, Is it to clean up his mess? The truth will never been told!

  8. Elected or selected one thing remains a certain with the line of authority in St. Lucia, “Yo toute seye mem” Chas is a good role model.

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